What do the numbers say about you?
banks know it
Banks know it, and so can you.

check bit ok?
A misaligned check bit can cause financial ruin, yet people go through their lives oblivious to the existence of this powerful force.

wise words
What is the difference between genius and stupidity? Genius has limits. - Albert Einstein.
What do the numbers say about you?

Have you had bad luck at times and then, at other times, for no apparent reason, had good luck?

Are you struggling against fate, looking for an insight into what's to come?

Do you know the significance of the digits in your credit card?

Have you been enlightened about the power of CreditCardOlogy, the most powerful of the metaphysical sciences, combining the eastern and western zodiacs with the age old secrets of numerology?

Perhaps you have a lucky credit card, or worse, your credit card could be bringing you down.

But unless you try the power of CreditCardOlogy, you'll never know.

Enter the numbers from your credit card here:

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Now, are you ready?


What is CreditCardOlogy?

CCO is the rigorous study of patterns that emerge in the lives of people, in correlation with the sequence of digits and dates associated with their credit card.

It is the most powerful of the metaphysical sciences. It uses the nine sacred digits from numerology, and integrates the mystic greek circle, the zero, into the mesmerizing pattern of the 'Quad-Quad' (or credit card sequence).

Not convinced?

Some people are unable to see how the so-called 'random' numbers on a piece of plastic could influence every aspect of their life.

In the face of all opposition to CreditCardOlogy, you must always hold onto this one undeniable fact:

FACT: No matter how smart they claim to be, no one can prove that there is no link between the numbers of your credit card and the events of your future life.

Perhaps they've never noticed how life can change in the blink of an eye, or with the roll of a dice.

Can CreditCardOlogy bring romance, fortune and health?

Unless you've tried the amazing CreditCardOlogy for yourself, you will simply never know.

Why Credit Card Astrology? why not?

"Because more good luck is better than some good luck and far better than less bad luck. And that is all science has to say about it."

Why Credit Card Astrology? Why fate? Why kismet?

"Because nothing and no one can stop a great idea whose time has finally come."

"Because there is no army on earth that can hold back the insurmountable forces of Destiny."

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