This is a simple slide viewer.

Press space to go to the next slide.

(And hit F11 to go full screen)

Write your slides in plain Html.

You can also use the arrow keys to move forward or backward.

Move forward now. »

Each slide is a div with a class of slide.

They look like this:

    <div class='slide'>
        <p>This is a simple slide viewer.</p>
        <p>Press space to go to the next slide.</p>

Add css classes to your slides
to change their colors.

You can include notes with any slide.
See that little 'n' in the top right?
click that to show the notes for a slide.

Notes are shown in a smaller font as they are really for the benefit of the presenter not the audience.

They can be a helpful cue for what to say on each slide.

To include notes for a slide, just include an element (such as a span) with a class of notes. Notes are hidden by default.

Click the 'n' again to hide the notes. (Or just move to the next slide.)

I built this tool for a talk at Brisbane Alt.net.

I didn't have powerpoint on my netbook, and wanted to be able to write the slides while on the bus.