Leon Bambrick

Microsoft Certified Application Developer
A results-focused engineer, with a friendly approach and a track record of successful projects.

Seeking a challenging role as a software architect or senior .net developer.

Contact Details

Email: LeonBambrick@Gmail.com

(Further contact details available on request)


Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD.net)

  • Completed, April 2004
  • 70-305: Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .net
  • 70-306: Developing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .net
  • 70-310: XML Web Services and Server Components with Visual Basic .net

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems)

Technical Skills

MS .net Framework Development 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 (Beta) 2.5 years
Including: ASP.net, Visual Basic .net, Web services, Windows Forms, Web Forms, Windows Services, ADO.net, Component Services (COM+), .net Remoting, COM Interop, Serialization, Threading, GDI+
MS Visual Basic 6 (and lower) 7 years
Including: COM, ActiveX, ADO, DAO, RDO, VBScript, OLE
MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000 5 years
Including: T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Views, Rules, Cursors, DTS, DDL, DMO, Extended Properties, Traces and Profiling, Scheduling, MSDE
XML 4 years
MS Visual Basic for Applications 4 years
Including: Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint
MS Access 2/97/2000 4 years
HTML 2.0/3.2/4.01 4 years
JavaScript/Jscript/AJAX/DHTML/CSS/ASP 4 years
MS Visual SourceSafe 6.0/PVCS 4 years
Crystal Reports 5/6/7/8.5/9 4 years
MS Reporting Services 8 months

Professional Abilities

The Complete Software Design Life-Cycle

  • Perform Business Analysis
  • Build requirements with key stakeholders and users
  • Enterprise Architecture and n-Tier System Architecture
  • Design for Scalability, Usability, Performance, Extensibility, Reliability, Security
  • Choice of Authentication, Authorisation strategies
  • Scheduling, Estimation, Prioritisation and Scope Control
  • Meeting and Managing Client Expectations
  • Reliable Deployment, Usable Installation packages
  • Configuration Management, version tracking, source Code Control


  • Development of/or adherence to Coding Standards
  • Strong interest in Test-First/Test Driven Development, Agile/eXtreme Methodologies, Continuous Integration
  • Experience with use and development of code generation tools
  • Object orientated design and implementation
  • Data Import/Export, Migration
  • System Integration

Maintenance and Recovery

  • Hardcore Debugging
  • Defect tracking
  • Advanced problem olving skills
  • Rapid trouble shooting


  • Documentation for general, technical or business audience
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Strong team work
  • Customer focused
  • Morale builder
  • Resolution of disputes
  • Training of key users
  • Training of trainers
  • Mentoring of colleagues and clients


  • Self-starter and lateral thinker
  • Focused on "Getting Things Done"

Other Proven Abilities...

  • Quickly upskill in any technology or industry
  • Work on multiple projects simultaneously in a high pressure environment
  • Rapid integration into client sites
  • Experience with beta testing of Microsoft products
  • Adherence to and assistance with an ISO 9000/9001 Quality Assurance System
  • Research and Learning on Emerging Technology and Processes

Employment History

DATA#3, Brisbane (15/01/03 to current)

Position Held

  • Software Consultant, Product Specialist for the Microsoft Application Solutions Team

Selected Projects with Data#3

Commission for Children and Young People, Community Visitation Information System
  • A mission critical system ensuring children in state care are monitored appropriately. Utilizes Microsoft CRM, Sharepoint, Infopath, ASP.net, and Reporting Services.
  • Skills: VB.net, ASP.net. MS CRM integration, MS Sharepoint integration, MS Reporting Services, MS SQL Server 2000/T-SQL
  • A complete redesign and rebuild of UNiTAB's Software for monitoring, recording and reporting on Electronic Gaming Machines in Clubs and Hotels.
  • Skills: VB.net, XML/DTD, SQL Server T-SQL (Triggers, stored procedures), COM/interop, Multi-Threaded UI, Farpoint Spread
Building Services Authority, Reporting Services Pilot
  • Installation and Development of Reporting Services, integrated with Oracle, as a replacement to Cognos Impromptu. Included in-depth training and of BSA personnel to deliver custom reports.
  • Skills: Oracle-SQL, MS Reporting Services, MS Visual Basic .net 1.1
RACQ Insurance Selected Repairer Restructure
  • Rapid design and implementation of a complex web-based questionnaire and file-upload process for businesses wishing to join the RACQI Selected Repairer Restructure.
  • Creation of a web application with offline mode, for mobile officers to perform and mark site inspections.
  • Skills: VB.net, ASP.net, Web Services, AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) XSL, HTML/HTA, Serialization, SQL Server 2000/T-SQL
Story Bridge Adventure Climb, Customer Booking and Scheduling System
  • Database redesign, code generation of business object layer.
  • Visual Basic.net, ASP.net, SQL Server 2000 T-SQL
Supercheap Auto, Point of Sale System
  • Lead developer implementing rapid enhancements, delivered across 200 stores in Australia and New Zealand
  • Skills: VB.net, COM Interop, Windows Forms, SAP-iDoc integration, SQL Server 2000/T-SQL/MSDE, XML/Reflection GUI Test harness

TSA Software Solutions, Brisbane (15/08/02 to 25/11/02)

Position Held

  • Software Consultant (Contract)

Projects with TSA

CRM to Helpdesk Systems Integration
  • Designed triggers to allow a Goldmine contact management system to share data with an Ambercat helpdesk system.
  • Skills: SQL Server T-SQL (Triggers, stored procedures), Visual Basic 6, Crystal Reports 8.5
CAAB Managed Services
  • Authored components to provide versatile reporting features for a complex call accounting package.
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6 (ActiveX, COM, ADO), Crystal Reports 8.5/9, SQL Server 6.5/7

THE CRESTA GROUP, LONDON (15/01/02 TO 21/06/02)

  • Provider of testing and securitisation services to European banks, see www.cresta.net

Position Held

  • Senior Consultant, Software Architect, DBA

Projects with Cresta

ASAP (Asset Securitisation Administration Program)
  • Provided development, support and design for a VB/SQL system which administers multi-billion dollar trade receivables asset securitisation deals. High pressure, fast turn around, extremely critical system.
  • Skills: Visual Basic 5/6, Visual C++, ASP, IIS, FTP (SafeTP), SQL Server 6.5/7/2000, Crystal Reports 6/7/8.5, MS Excel/VBA, PVCS
Cresta corporate website
  • Managed all technical and design aspects of complete redesign of the company website.
  • Skills: SSI (Apache servers), FTP, HTML, MS Photodraw, Javascript/JScript

GF-X.COM, LONDON (28/08/01 to 16/11/01)

  • An online trading platform for airlines and freight forwarders, see www.gf-x.com

Position Held

  • Lead Application Developer

Projects with GF-X.COM

The Offline Tools
  • Rapid troubleshooting and re-development of data validaton system
  • Provided system documentation and authored VB coding standards documentation
  • Skills: Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual Basic 6, IBM TeamConnection, IBM Unix (AIX)

BERWIN LEIGHTON PAISNER, LONDON (03/07/00 to 20/04/01)

Position held

  • Analyst/Programmer, IT Support Department, Development Workgroup

Projects with Berwin Leighton

BLADE (Berwin Leighton Active Directory Engine)
  • Workflow system for staff and facilities management
  • Consulted with user groups and provided feasibility reports before re-engineering the application
  • Provided staff training prior to roll-out
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6.0 (ADO and COM), SQL Server 7.0, Crystal Reports 7.0, MAPI
  • Created "Hot Maps" for each floor of the building. Clicking on a desk location provides details of the occupant and links to other systems, including email, VNC, help desk, work flow, telephone system.
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6.0 (ADO and COM), SQL Server 7.0, ASP, VBScript


Position held

  • Analyst/Programmer, Development Team

Projects with Technisyst Computing

Brisbane City Council - Water Department - Mobile Computing System Trial
  • Mobile touch-screen application providing work order/timesheet allocation/processing
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6.0 (ADO), Access 97, SQL Server 6.5
Brisbane City Council - Development and Regulatory Services - FieldConX version 3.0
  • Dynamic Smart-client system used by 300 mobile officers
  • Oracle and SQL Server backend databases
  • Skills: Visual Basic 6.0 (ADO and COM), Access 97

Continuous Training

Lectures Attended

  • eXtreme Programming with .net, Dr. Neil Roodyn
  • Reporting Services and Integration Services with SQL Server 2005, David ...
  • Security Enhancements in SQL Server 2005, Dr. Greg Low
  • Introduction to Microsoft Content Management Server 2003, Angus Logan
  • Introduction to Biztalk, Andrew Rowlings
  • Microsoft Whole Of Government Strategy (WhOF)Initiative for Queensland
  • Zero to BI
  • Introduction to Visual Studio 2005, Charles Sterling
  • Security in .net, Matthew Hardman
  • TechEd Australia, 2003
  • Windows 2000 Network Administration

Lectures Delivered

  • Coding Standards for Microsoft .net 1.0, December 2003
  • Business Intelligence with Microsoft Reporting Services, November 2004
  • Upgrading Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .net, March 2005


  • Australian Developer
  • MSDN Australia/New Zealand
  • Builder


  • MSDN Connection, silver member
  • .Net Influencers
  • .Net Book Reviewer for Sybex and Apress
  • Beta testing of Microsoft products


  • Usability article published by Apress in: The Best of Software Writing, edited by Joel Spolsky
  • Author of the website: 'secretGeek.net', loyal readership includes many industry leaders and influencers