Technical Year In review

The year is not quite over yet - but I'm finishing work at a client site today. So it's time to write up the technical year in review

Time spent on projects that were scrapped before they reached production:

  • 3 months
  • Junkets

  • Microsoft lectures: 2 days
  • Tech-Ed: (attended 1 day)
  • Victories

  • 70305 exam July wahoo!
  • 70306 exam November
  • Won a copy of 'inside Visual Studio .Net 2003' from Microsoft Flash
  • Favourite new code:

  • Using serialization to persist/retrieve objects
  • End-to-End XML Test harness
  • method to parse and execute proprietary mix of SQL and DOS commands
  • Little Fixes that had the biggest effect

  • Provide more notification to users during extended processes
  • Improved configuration management (defect tracking, version branching, better release notes)
  • Unexpected Fads

  • Gardening
  • Twitching
  • finch keeping
  • Blogs, Rss
  • Unemployment

  • 15 days (holiday before job started in Jan)

    Overall - a really excellent year. Got very comfortabl with .net. Enjoyed my new job immensely. Hope next year is as good!


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