The four horsemen of the online apocalypse

The four horsemen of the online apocalypse do not ride on fearsome steeds. They zip around on Segways.

Horseman number 0 is Pestilence. (The online apocalypse has zero-based indices). She distributes Spam, Viruses, Trojans and Worms. She's an ultra-active apocalypso.

On Segway number 1 is War. He is responsible for everything from Denial of Service attacks to Browser Incompatabilities, to arguments between Linux and Microsoft, to privacy violations, to the war on peer-to-peer technology, to "Google bombs".

Segway Number 2 is Death. Death is service outages, expired support agreements, obsolete hardware, the dotcom collapse, and everyone at f*

The final Segway, Segway number 3, is Famine. Famine is the words "No updates pending", "You have no new messages" and the words "This issue has not been addressed in the current release." Famine is a 56K modem when you need broadband, famine is Linux customer support, famine is your job being outsourced, famine is an IMG tag with no ALT text, famine is a cubicle with no air-conditioning and a Scoble post with no intelligible meaning.

Pestilence, War, Death and Famine. Now showing at a browser near you.

(by the way, here in Brisbane we just survived the most incredible storm. very apocalyptic)


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