For the Love of God, Enter this Damn Competition Already!

Free Prizes for the Taking!

Roy's Gettin' Cranky! Only TEN people have entered the VS.Net Add-in competition he's hosting.

Given the low number of entries, and the excellent prizes, the expected Return on Investment (or 'Return to Player' in gambling parlance) is very very high.

If you know how to write a add-in, (however simple), whack it together and send it in!

If you don't know how to write a add-in, learn!

As Woody Allen says:

Ninety percent of success in life is just showing up.

I've already posted some ideas for this competition.

I've seen in the past that for some strange psychological reason developers are very reluctant to enter competitions. Hence you get a huge ROI when you do. (For example, Scott Hanselman won $2K for 15 minutes work in the Tablet PC competition).

So Please For the Love of God, Enter this Damn Competition Already!

[yes i'm trying to convince myself mostly]

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