This Comptometric Age

No I'm not a religious man.

But God bless the 65535 row limit in Excel.

God bless intellisense. God bless spell checkers, to.

God bless really nerdy board games.

And God bless Jason Looney's snack cakes for links program.

So often we rush through life, never pausing to notice the little things. The taste of a flower. The feel of wet mud against the roof of your mouth. The sound of one foot clapping.

But it is these trivial things that make life worth living. Plus money, sex and liquor.

So, gentle reader, go softly into that warm inkernet. Tread lightly on the toes of your inner child. Be thinking, always thinking, as you are linking and wondering. Stay off the brown acid. Don't drink your bath water. And never lose your sense of wonder.


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