Is Corporate IT a form of emotional abuse?

There's a government ad posted all over the insides of many brisbane buses at the moment, that describes some tell-tale signs of an abusive relationship.

I took a dodgy photo of it with my camera-phone, in order to try and get this idea across...

Can you see signs of abusive behaviour in your relationship?

In case you can't read it, here's what it says:

Can you see signs of abusive behaviour in your relationship?

Restricting where she goes...Monitoring her calls...Telling her what to wear...Controlling what she spends...

I think it's very easy to draw a parallel between each of these signs, and the behaviour of a typical Corporate (or Government) IT department.

Can you see signs of abusive behaviour in your relationship to the IT Department?

Abusive PartnerAbusive Corporation
Restricting where she goes...Internet site filtering
Monitoring her calls...Email monitoring and phone logging
Telling her what to wear...Standard Operating Environment, corporate desktop-background, corporate uniform.
Controlling what she spends...Tiny size limits on mailboxes, highly bureaucratic purchasing process,
draconian requisition restrictions and, worst of all, lousy pay.

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