Development While You Wait

(Thanks to Craig Box.)

This kind of situation happens all too often.

Some starry-eyed foolish biz-freak staggers, dazed, into your cubicle and, on some kind of naive, mindless, phantasmagorical whim, poses an outlandish technignorant question.

The sort of question you'd slap your mother for asking...

But before you have a chance to crush their ridiculous fantasy, before you politely smack them out of their stupidity... Suddenly! Some tiny voice inside your geeky head pipes up and finds a way to try and fulfill their impish, pathetic, dream.

"SOooo... you're wondering if I can use XSL to turn the EDI from your CRM into a DDL for your CMS, this afternoon?"

Is it possible?


Is it wise?

Maybe not.

Is it crazy?


Am I interested?

Show me the code.


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