6 Tools for Documentation++

class designer

There's at least 6 tools we use at advantech for automating our documentation. That's a lot of tools. They are:

  1. Ghost Doc from Roland Weigelt

    for quickly adding descriptive comments to code.

  2. NDoc

    For turning XML comments into HTML. Generics not yet supported. And to get it to work with .Net 2.0 you have to jump through a flaming hoop while juggling knives between your teeth. (There's also a powertoy for VB)

  3. Class Diagram feature in Visual Studio 2005

    For reverse-engineering pretty pictures of classes. (Example at right)

  4. Visio

    For ER-Diagrams [and tracking schema changes]

  5. XDK

    Tool for building help files from inside MS Word.

  6. Copy Source As HTML

    For when code needs to be pasted as HTML. Installer for vs2005 version here, with instructions on using it.

Any favourites of yer own?


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