Beloved Morons

Mark Pilgrim wrote a good blog entry about how most programmers are either Morons or Assholes. According to Mark's definitions I've met amny more morons than assholes. And I quite like the morons.

The blog 'Minding the planet' is worth a read, if you've got time.

And here's a good description of RSS if you need to explain it to luddite friends. (Written by Dan Bricklin, inventor of the spreadsheet).

I've just performed some much needed maintenance of this site.

The RSS feed is a lot smaller now, and the site itself is lighter. There's a search form on the right of the page, too, so that gus will stop complaining that he can't find what he's looking for. I've put a very short blog roll over on the right, too. I might expand this into a full blog roll page later on. But it's cool for now.


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