The worst recruitment spam I've ever read

Spam from Bog Vogt

Sorry 'Bob Vogt' but you've sent me the worst recruitment spam I've ever read.

I've taken the time to catalog precisely what it is that makes your recruitment spam email, out of thousands of other competing emails, so very definitely the worst I have seen, will ever see or could ever see.

Here are the 7 ways you fail, in order from least to most significant.

  1. Bad: You've sent me unsolicited email.
  2. Bad: You've included a massive image in your email.
  3. Bad: The job is in the US. (I'm in Australia)
  4. Worse: The job is in Dayton OHIO.
  5. Worse: Your grammar is an atrocity.
  6. Worse: The job involves sharepoint.
  7. Worst: You're using comic fucking sans.



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