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Something I wrote a few years ago called 'List your way out of stuckness' has sprung from the wiki wilderness to receive 100 recommendations at ' I'm surprised and enthused.

I've described a revised/simplified version of the technique here: Writer's Block, Geek-Block, and Procrastination. Also, there are fourteen good techniques for overcoming procrastination, in the book 'Feeling Good' (I'm going to summarize these some time soon and write about it -- they apply to varying circumstances and should be in the behavioural repertoir of anyone who suffers from this horrible affliction.)

The word 'stuckness' comes from a very clever guy I went to uni with, named Martin (surname forgetten!), and sprang from a conversation about that uber-selfhelp for nerds book, 'Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance'. The technique may be similar to those described in 'Gettings Things Done' or the book 'Feeling Good' -- but it's my own independent invention, and I'm claimin' full credit/blame. When you are really stuck, this technique does indeed work.

Merlin Mann said on 43 Folders: "It gets amorphous anxieties out of your brain's echo chamber, and that's always a good thing." He also created a pdf version of the template. Thanks Merlin!

(and thanks to Brandon "solarce" Bowman for his version of the template)


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