First family photo. Mum is lying down on the job, and appears to be leaking moisture from her eyes. Only dad is cool and collected.

After being on the planet for 24 hours or so, the infant began to get grubby. To counter this, we paid a nurse-person to wash said infant.

The bathing experience appeared to be enjoyable, and Lil became lethargic and soothed.

Here's one that John and Al prepared earlier. Eric is fourteen times older (4 weeks, versus 2 days), and twice the mass of Lily.

The ratio of eyes to body is larger at birth than at any other time throughout life.

Getting the entire family together for a photo is an increasingly difficult task, as their number has increased by fifty percent in just two days. At this rate of compound growth, there will be six million of us within six months.

Observe the pleasant photographic effects produced by using natural light. Also, the choice not to crop the image is a deliberate device to emphasise the miniature scale of the possum at rest.

Here is a family photo one week later. Notice that the new addition is perfectly happy with her surrounds.

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