3 Types of Argument

competing models of SU behaviour following M1

Engineering Argument:

There are two ways to implement something. Neither option is perfect -- both have their own compromises, which are known and measurable. Argument centres on which compromises are most acceptable.

Example: should the bike-shed be made from wood or brick?

Artistic Argument:

There are two ways to implement something. Both are functionally correct, but have unquantifiable differences. Argument centres on intuition and opinion.

Example: should we paint the bike-shed topaz or cyan?

Religious Argument:

There are two conflicting points of view. Both are utterly wrong. Argument has no centroid and no limiting factors.

Example: should the bike-shed be built to honour the green walrus or the almighty unicorn?

[notebook image above is 'a thorough mathematical analysis of two competing models for optimising energy dissipation through behavioural approaches to leaving the toilet seat up.']

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