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What a long, strange trip it's been.

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CSS Variables are cool

Stashy is a Really simple Key Value store

Tips For Working From Home

Productivity with Powershell: Grab your agenda from outlook as plain text

2019 By The Numbers

5 minutes to import CSV to a database: What do you do?

Desert Skies - exclusive inside information from the developers

What is NimbleText (a story about cheese)

Secrets of Mastering Excel

The Market for Ideas (and is contenteditable really terrible?)

a html quine

auto play

TimeSnapper for Mac: Beta Testers Needed

React is NOT ok

Using "ok" as a Project Control Room

Meetings: Are They Worth It?

The Visitor Effect

2018 By The Numbers

Think you're clever? Can you name each of these CASING styles?

NimbleText is now a Machine Learning Platform

I have some feedback for you...

Convergent versus Divergent modes of thought

How do you get things done?

Spy Codes: a code booklet to help your little spies

The Book Is Ready

Death to the Passive Voice

I'm .ok you're .ok: introducing folder profiles for bash and powershell

2017 by the Numbers

Your photos are a mess! Maybe this PowerShell script can help

How to Discuss the Important Things With Your Kids

Navigating at the command line

The value of realistic goals (with data)

How to get in the zone

Publishing on Amazon: Lakes Creek Adventures

Using Computers to Invent New and *Fun* European Style Board Games

Dadding 101: Give Your Kids A Trail of Codes To Break

The Ultimate Star Wars t-shirt

pushpop, a mental stack manager

Productivity Flowchart: 13 years in the making


2016 by the numbers:

Television Bankruptcy

The Joy of Making Simple Edits to Microsoft's Docs

6 different ways to run an core web application

Have you ever seen the International Space Station?

Teach kids (and adults) to master algebra with DragonBox

Improvements to the Way MessageBox works, in latest Service Pack for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

Post Slackathon Wrap up

Less than 3 days until the Stupid Ideas Powershell Slackathon.

The Stupid Ideas Powershell Slackathon

Hosting an infinite number of apps in the cloud for free, on your own domains.

How to Left Pad, for real

Today I Learned

npm is not just for node... npm is for EVERYTHING

Console Is Forever

The Secret Life of Connection Strings In Oracle! (Oracle DBA's Hate Me.)

The little known beauty of .ensure files

The Laggard's Guide to Getting Started with 5 Using Yeoman.

Persistence Framework for Accepting Nonsense.

Buying a car: A text adventure game.

Dungeon.css: Dungeon Generator

Mercurial Workflow with Branching

Fixing Keyboard Functionality on MacBook Air after Upgrading to Windows 10.

The Spectator Sport of Vendor Topping

Which Uri Encoding method should i use in C#/.net?

In search of brutal honesty

Writing Your First Mercurial Extension

You Feel The Blood Drain From Your Face (A DevOps story)

UPDATE a table using a JOIN to another table (or to itself)

The Zen of Telling Notepad++ That .Config Files are XML

How Businesses Are Actually Structured.

Launching the secretGeek Wiki

How can we do better?

Pun-a-day service

Love Me Two Times

A console.log() adventure


Sweating the Small Stuff

What do comments mean?

Spaced Repetition Software... for Kids!

Solving An Air-gapped Traffic Mystery

Using the commandline to write a book

NimbleSET 2.0: Death to the VLOOKUP!

Clients From Hell

Hacking Hyperink (aka. changing the font-size of an Epub on Kobo)

How Bundling Doubled The Income of ''

Your First Product

SimCity Drug Wars in the Real World

Two Flies! Bet Now!

Boothby, a personal database

The Nimble Bundle

Need an idea? Let me give you one:

A Dashboard For Everything and Everything on a Dashboard

Internet's Last Classic ASP Website Finally Upgraded

The dumbest thing that could possibly work

If Time Types were like Spatial Types

The Canine Pyramid

Humans: A Tragedy.


OfficeQuest... Gamification for the Office Suite

New product launch: NimbleSET

Programming The Robot from Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Happy new year 2014

Downtime as a service

The Shape of Your Irrationality

This is why I don't go to nice restaurants any more.

A flowchart of what programmers do at work all day

The Telepresent Man.

Interview with an Ex-Microsoftie.

CRUMBS! Commandline navigation tool for Powershell

Little tool for making Amazon affiliate links

Extracting a Trello board as markdown

hgs: Manage Lots of Mercurial Projects Simultaneously

You Must Get It!

AddDays: A Very Simple Date Calculator

Google caught in a lie.

NimbleText 2.0: More Than Twice The Price!

A Computer Simulation of Creative Work, or 'How To Get Nothing Done'

A Computer Simulation of Creative Work, or 'How To Get Nothing Done'

NimbleText 1.9 -- BoomTown!

Line Endings.

**This** is how you pivot

Art of the command-line helper

Go and read a book.

Slurp up mega-traffic by writing scalable, timeless search-bait

Do *NOT* try this Hacking Script at home

The 'Should I automate it?' Calculator

aaron swartz: the early works

Finding (and removing) duplicate files on your hard drive

Harvey, a .net chat server built with RabbitMQ

So your domain has been stolen. What now?

kv can remember it for you, wholesale

Hello IT Department

Dialog Between a Man and His Vista Laptop

NimbleText 1.6, Codename Jetboat

On Task Hoarding and Todo Bankruptcy

Developer UI Done Right: Mercurial Commandline!

Rediscovering the Amstrad CPC 6128

Just Wally

The Correct Order for a First Time Viewing of The Lord Of The Rings

A new era for Android.

Mind-boggling Demo of New Gaming Genre, aka Folder-Based Hangman, aka Fun with Recursion

Got CSV in your javascript? Use agnes.

I went to write down a book name and founded an internet empire instead.

NimbleText: Origins

The Windows 8 Mullet

Introducing Cosby, spontaneous striped background generator

Slides from WDCNZ: Live Coding MVC3

MVC 3, "Third Times a Charm" references

Custom Errors in ASP.Net MVC: It couldn't be simpler, right?

Anatomy of a Domain Hijacking, part 2: The Website Who Came In From The Cold

Anatomy of a Domain Hijacking, part 1 domain has been stolen. The site may go down.

Boring article about fixing a 'Login failed... untrusted domain' issue when connecting to SQL Server.

Coding While You Commute

Test Driven Dentistry Is A Good Thing

The 'less crashy' release of NimbleText

Rethinking Toolbars in Visual Studio (or any IDE)

Where shall we have lunch?

Setting up email for your microIsv

The NO Visual Studio movement: Compiling .net projects in Notepad++

ZeroOne: the editor for programmers who think in binary

Mercurial workflow for personal projects (with a .net bias)

I see you're using vim. Let me fix that for you.

The worst recruitment spam I've ever read

A thank you I forgot to say

My new product, NimbleText, is live

Grabbing the free songs of Jonathan Coulton (with Powershell)

Using NimbleSet to compare lists

Wanted: Wiki Lists (dot org)

DOS on Dope: The last MVC web framework you'll ever need

JSON Query Languages: 5 special purpose editors

What then, is b?

SQLike: A simple editor

Yet Another BizPlan Generator.

HOT GUIDS: A hot or not site for guids

HOT GUIDS: A hot or not site for guids

How does life get better? One tiny hack at a time.

24 things to do, and 100 things *not* to do (yet) for building a MicroISV

Venture capital won't kill Jeff Atwood, it will only make him Jeffer.

A handy workflow image for newbie mercurial users

Fractal Feedback, a diversion into recreational programming

Hump-Jumping: How the Education of Computer Science can be Saved, err, maybe.

Suggested User Experience Improvements for DiffMerge

SQL Style Extensions for C#

The Movie Hollywood (And My Wife) Doesn't Want You To See: Weekend at Jacko's

Sysi: the ultimate administrators toolkit

Movie: Priest Academy

Inspirational Rat Story

A face-melting DSL that allows programming ON the iPhone (and iPad)

The secretGeek Disaster Recovery plan

Save KNVTn! Before it's too late

The Ultimate Agent of WERF Destruction

The Ultimate Agent of WERF Destruction

The new prisoner's dilemma

Original Premise for a road movie

What's a better game than Devshop?

DevShop: The Cool Game that Makes Development Look Fun

Should be purple

Kitchen Agile

Perhaps "Go" is the new Visual Basic

zen-coding: turn those CSS selectors upside down

Debugging: It's all about finding Albuquerque.

The Real-Time online JQuery Editor

HTML5, a 3 minute guide

Developer Codpieces

Agile for one: The Personal Story 'Wall' In Action

Never work with thick people.

Cosmo: project status panel

Windows Search in Japan

Project Management Zen

Continuous Integration, Plugins and Going Too Far

The Rules of Stand Up

Sydney International Airport: Stupid, Criminal, or Criminally Stupid?

God No! ...The ReBuilder

Matt, The Office Mortar

'Outlook style' rules for Subversion

Really deep linking: Url + regex

hExcel -- A Hexagonal Spreadsheet

Is the remote control a thing of the past?

The Utterly Thorough Guide To Awesome Application Compatibility on Windows 7.

Astounding Hyperlinked Noticeboard

Three Questions About Each Bug You Find

Recursing over the Pareto Principle...

Sometimes, The Better You Program, The Worse You Communicate.

A Non Warning, from Windows XP

In the enterprise, nothing is what it seems

How to get a Free iPhone

10 Simple Rules To Follow In Case Your Software Becomes Self-Aware

Your next text editor is... MetaNote!

Further proof that testing is for wimps and bad programmers

Drowning in things to do

Small Moments in Software Philosophy

Differentiating between environments within SQL Server Management Studio

My code would suck less if...

"Architect" is a swear word.

Plugins! Plugins! Plugins! It must be TimeSnapper 3.4

Test First Development and Making a Cake

A 3 minute guide to embedding IronPython in a C# application

Low Frustration Tolerance: Curse and Blessing

Handy cheat sheet for Visual Source Safe

Found Time!

8 ways to be a better programmer in 6 minutes.

The Deadly Cycle of Meetingitis.

Can You Cure the Copy/Paste Disease?

Don't make 'readonly' fields less readable

It's 2009 already -- where's my damn internet-based IDE??

Give and Take in the Software Industry

4 Types of Person (a guide to stupidity)

baby steps in microsoft robotics studio...

Hang in there, little buddy

Worst. Bug. Ever.

IT Industry Revolutionised By Labour Saving Device

An Open, Federated Award Ceremony

3 differences between 'Small Business' and 'Enterprise'

How important is the problem of whether or not P=NP?

TimeSnapper hits the local press... and more on Iceland

MVC Zen Garden

Is Corporate IT a form of emotional abuse?

Java Powered Internet? WTF?

Life is Upstream

TimeSnapper 3.3, and News From Iceland

Growing Up Geek (A Hanselmeme)

Is that all you've got!?

TimeSnapper 3.2: What are you afraid of?

Babbage and Boole!

Downloadable Slide-decks: "Build your own Tiny Software Company"/"F# eye for the C# guy"

Simple Trouble Shooting Application Now Fixes Everything

Simple Trouble Shooting Application Now Fixes Everything

secretGeek at Tech-Ed: "How to build your own Tiny Software Company"

Bambrick versus Hanselman: Bring it!

The Greatest Chalk Talk Known To Man: 'Better than a license to print money: Build Your Own Tiny Software Company'

Alan Kay on 'The Camel has Two Humps'

is the music inside the piano?

The Bluffer's Guide To Yegge: Business Requirements R Bullsh*t

Prototype Ready for Launch

Idea: a poor man's eye-tracking heatmap for win forms

'The Register' seems to have plagiarised Mary Jo Foley

A magic goal for software businesses

A to Z of Software Methodologies

TimeSnapper in Music!

Fixing problems can give you a glimpse of something terrible

Web Tablet: Toward Less Complexity

Do they store the code for TFS in TFS?

Sudden TimeSnapper Discount!

How Can Microsoft Beat Google?

TimeSnapper 3.1: Attack of the the Red/Green Stripes

21 tools used in our MicroISV

Lost Treasures of the DOS World: tree!

The Virtual Machine Machine and the Virtual Virtual Machine

Should Linq To Sql Go "Open Source"?

Redux: New Synchronisation Idea Overlooked By Microsoft

New Synchronisation Idea Overlooked By Microsoft Live team

Visual Studio UX Taskforce, Office UX Taskforce... etc.

How to be Jeff Atwood

Reuse good -- Abstractions better!

Word of the day: Upsert

Return from an offline sojourn

Leaky Abstractions? Try Asp.Net!

A truly original thought

Throw New VirtualMachine();

Undo, redo, predo, preundo

A little "bit" of programming therapy

Coding Koan: the power of one

Behavior Driven Development: As Human As Possible

What To (Really) Do If You Find Out Your Parents Are Using Vista (redux)

What To Do If You Find Out Your Parents Are Using Vista

Sample Code From Text-Adventure Game Platforms

TimeSnapper 3.0 -- an interactive, bubbling cauldron of possibilities

Be warned: the laptop compubody sock is out there

Everything that's bad for you is suddenly good for you!

Everything I know about Code Reviews I learnt from Star Wars (and JCooney)

Syntax highlighting of strings

Google AppEngine: evil virus or viral evil?

Perfect for lounging

Meeting Frustration, Chaos and Despair Head On. And loving it.

Workflow software: I'm calling the bluff.

3 Types of Argument

F# Eye for the C# guy

Anonymous Methods: Now that's a dumb name!

Who Would You Back? Really?

More about the wiki adventure game...

(Some) Computer Technicians Are Creepy

Wiki as Text Adventure Game

Your Brain Is In 10 Kinds of Trouble

Organizational Tools for different scope and time

A reflection on hate week.

sg: as seen in print!

TimeSnapper 2.7: Word Clouds reveal your computing lifestyle!

Mega-Million Dollar Idea: Diamonds@Home

Thought game: What if SQL had a type called 'Operator'

Stop being walked. Start walking.

secretGeek's guide to selecting a cartoon to suit your chosen IT career

NDepend, Cyclic Dependencies, and the Shroud of Turing

One Handgun Per Child

52 great reasons to fail at software

How To Win At Negotiation

51 Core Abilities of Successful Software

secretGeek: Predictions for 2008

Christmas Roundup

Logo Programming!

F#: More Mandelbrot Madness

F### yeh! i still got it baby!

How To Re-Start A Blog

Nerdgasm 101

TimeSnapper 2.6: Hook It Up

Journey of an idea

Bug Eyed VS2008 Guy Freaks Me Out

Fuzzy Search: Check this out and report back please, o lazy web.

Idea: Ribbon Bar Item Finder

Beautiful Code, or rather, Beaut Comments.

Challenge: Changing the stored credentials on 64 instances of IIS every 30 days

SecretGeek: live and dangerous!!

New Sniglet: An Ungument

Revolutionary (versus Evolutionary) Code Generation

Fix and continue in Smalltalk

Who's the customer?

Designer vs Developer

The great big leaky sales funnel: a micro-ISV primer

Fluidic APIs are stupid... NOT!

TimeSnapper Special - 9 More Days

Your Brain, And the Effects of Syntax Highlighting

Which came first... the domain model or the human?


Brisbane's Independent .NET Consultant

Why Are So Many Dev Tools Orange?

My First WPF Application - A visual tour

Visual Studio News Channel: Give Hanselman a Go!

How to block websites that kill your productivity.

Go Don Syme!! Go F#!!

The future of microsoft development

TimeSnapper On Sale: 2 year anniversary special

Don't Forget The Caret^ and the $tick

Q: What's the cleverest kind of code?

Wow! That baby really has its mother's eyes!

Facebook -- what every concerned user needs to know!

WSCG as a Batch File

Transform Your Children Into Computer Programmers With SourceGear

Password Protect Your TimeSnapper Images!

The Inaugural TimeSnapper Professional 'MikeG.Next' Honorary Award Of Linkblogging Excellence

The Principle of Scale: A fundamental lesson they failed to teach us at school

Navigational Spaghetti -- What are your thoughts?

Step 5 of 25 to Building a Micro-ISV: Install traffic monitoring on your web site

Thou Shalt Have One Exit Point Per Subroutine -- A Monkey Cage Conundrum

Brisbane .Net Developers: Interested in MOSS integration or K2 Workflow?

General Purpose Programming Language... Good For Nothing?

A weird casestudy in technical research

The Next Mike Gunderloy

Look at all the things I'm NOT doing!

World's Simplest Code Generator: implemented in pure Javascript

Argument Modifiers: 'ref', 'out', 'params' and 'this'

Scoop: Microsoft Expression Suite To Run On Apple Computers!

Sorry Visual Basic -- I is through *WITH* YOU!

How to aggregate a bit column

Microsoft Expression Family... WTF?

Hogwarts: an alternative dictionary.

Exec Inline AddIn for Visual Studio 2005 -- Get It Now

Sick Of Being Nagged to Restart, Every 10 Minutes After An Update?

ATM Thief Busted By Observant Internet Watcher?

What a week in source code!

That Shakespeare Loved His Code

Wisdom from Atli:

Portable Open Persona

Separation Anxiety

Law of Software Contracts

Use TimeSnapper to Track Your Baldness

do you want a server farm with that bottle of milk?

Diabetes promo ends in 5 minutes

TimeSnapper Diabetes Promotion Ending Soon!

Some Trillion Dollar Problems

Can You Fix My Printer?

Fight Diabetes with TimeSnapper

Choosing between Apple, Microsoft and Linux

Perfect Productivity with TimeSnapper 2.4 Don't Blame Microsoft, Blame Jason Weber

ORM Smackdown!

MicroISV: Step 4 of 25 -- Basic Website Content

Etags? I've never even heard of eTags!

The Yerkes-whatzy law of who now?

Faster Than Light -- For Real This Time

Text Files -- What are they good for?

I'm always the last to know


Translating a little bit of (microsoft) double talk...

The Truth About Attention Deficit Dis... Oh, new mail.

tarzan of the source code

Back Seat Driven Development

Can Software Be Like Building Lego?

Silverlight, Apollo... Lock In?

Joel On Metaphors: The Best Developers

New Social Activity Sharing Site: Twatter

Introducing the 'Common Lisp Objection System'

TimeSnapper -- Feature Comparison

An Open Letter To Scott Guthrie.

Zombie-Friendly Pick-To-Light Home Kitchen

Are We There Yet? Using Circles To Measure Progress

Why Accurate Estimations Are Just Not Possible

Scheming on the Pocket PC

Step 3 of 25 -- Design Your Website

Knuth on Software Patents

10 "Million-Dollar-Ideas" from

Found a Commodore 64 on the side of the road

Number 1 Sign Your Software Project Is Doomed

'Reuse' Is Not Usable

Damn Lambda

Powershell on Rails -- MonadRail!

Remove Duplicate Rows From A Text File Using Powershell

Is there a general solution to string templating?

Windows Updates Make Me Nervous

How Naming Works At Microsoft

Remove empty lines from a file using Powershell.

A Faster Ruby.

There's Three Ways To Know Anything

Test-Driven Hypocrisy? Who tests the test?

Agile and Test-Driven: A Marriage Made In Hell?

Essential 'Programming' Skills for Non-Programmers

Why Simplicity Pays

ISV: Independent of what?

TimeSnapper 2.3: Extract Text Using Optical Character Recognition

Step 2 of 25 to Building a Micro-ISV: Reliable Hosting

Pure CSS method for achieving Right Angle Corners

Podcasts I like

Lifelogging? Think!

Eight Photos of the new arrival

A Girl

Step 1 of 25 to Building a Micro-ISV: Register a Domain

TimeSnapper 2.2 -- Auto Popup? That sounds terrible!

25 steps for building a Micro-ISV

Five More Things You Didn't Need To Know

How to Sneak .net 2.0 into an organization

What percent of normal people have the .net framework installed?

Download It Now! Exec Inline: A VS2003 add-in that lets you run a chunk of code

Three Laws of Software Development

Programming News: Aggregated

Anxiety is a good thing.

Top Tips of 2007, part I: Leon's One-Step Guide to Making a Nature Appreciation Film in Africa

Predictions for 2007

Thanks for a genuine belly chuckle, Joel

New Year's Resolution: Build Your Own Micro ISV!

What are the coolest XML projects? Really?

Download NextAction: Updated

Give Your Manager A 500% Productivity Enhancement

In Vista, final step of installation launches YOU!!

The Macho School Of Programming

The Project Never Ends

The TDS RPC is FUBAR? You don't say.

Gunderloy, Spolsky, Atwood: three big idiots.

Deadlocks: What would Feynman do?

Hey idiot, I've got toothache. BOO!

And Microsoft has Won

10 Websites that would Not work as Wikis

Sexy New Version: TimeSnapper 2.1, we finally grow up

How To Be A Couple Of Micro-ISV People On Opposite Sides of the World

Passwords in Sql Server 2000 are Case Insensitive by default -- WTF?

Never Pay For Application Development Services Again

Quiz Show for John

On The Importance of Whitespace

Reasons for a headache

Whose Month is it anyway?

Your Next Action is: Download NextAction!

A Very Simple .net Model View Controller

The trouble with "High Priority"

The difference between goals and dreams.

Concurrency Bug in all editions of Visual Studio

Demo: Exec-Inline, an Add-in that executes the currently selected code, immediately

Ruby versus .Net? If Languages (and IDE's) were Vehicles... what would you be driving?

Switching off the OS

Quick Tip: Show Shortcut Keys in Visual Studio

Code Quiz: That Empty Feeling

A Kilo of Days Ground

ShinyPower Now Opensource

Moveable Modal and a different kind of 'Modal' form

Unlikely to fill Gmail account before I die

Goodbye DLL Hell, hello Security Hell.

Is 'Agile' a religion? (or merely a cult)

Annotating Your Code with Simple Tests

Thought Game: Duplicate Driven Programming

Realtime CSS Editor -- with thanks to SquareFree.

The Truth About Lisp

Transparency In Vista

How to be a programmer

Time for a rewrite.

11 Tools for Database Versioning

Stop Rolling Your Own CSV Parser!

TimeSnapper 2 Goes Live!

Australia in a state of mourning

The absolute most fun activity in the world

PowerTools for Powershell

Why Geeks are Freaks

Microformats: Another 3 min guide i won't be writing

Boolean Operators Missing From Cell Expressions In Excel?

Gripping Reading, All The Way Through!

Sql Down Under Code Camp

F# -- the 3 minute guide!

syntactic sweeteners, part ][

BabySteps In WPF And XAML

sweet syntactic sugar

Momentum as a substitute for Quality

Tech.Ed Sydney

Concurrent Tautologys (all happening together at once)

What next for the 3 minute guides??

Joel asked: Can your language do this?

Babysteps in WATIR

What is JSON: the 3 minute JSON Tutorial

Why You Need a Domestic Robot

3 Examples from the Future of CSS

W3C to Support 'Web 2.0' concept of 'tags'

<Strike>G-MAIL is dead!</Strike>

Web 2.0: Something's Missing

Babysteps in PowerShell part deux: Variables! Real Proper Variables!

syntax, lang = 'sweet', 'ruby'

An Absolute Beginner's Babysteps In PowerShell...


XML isn't a mark-up language.

Dragging and Dropping are not a good idea.

You Learn Something (Scary) Every Day

DotCom versus Web 2.0

How To Read "Functional Programming For The Rest of Us" For The Rest of Us

4 Lazy Ways To Stop Yourself Being Lazy

Brisbane Thai Restaurant


You Will Set Goals!

Very detailed and serious comparison of functional and imperative programming styles

How the 'ref' keyword affects the use of objects

What does 'yep' mean, exactly?

The Top 0 Things You Should Know About Nothing

A friend is getting into .Net -- what's the best thing to read??

Collation Is Evil

6 Tools for Documentation++

Visual Poetry Studio 2005

Why Worry? (Ajax Edition)

Marketing Weasels Who Write Code

ReDim for C#, using Generics

Amphetamines for Query Analyser

Why Worry? (Programmer's Edition)

New Invention: The EzyFridge

How the Australian Tax Changes Will Affect Your 'Take Home' Pay

VB.Net Tip: IIF is a function, not a language feature

TimeSnapper 2.0 is near to completion

The Actual Minimum Every Gmail User Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (Excuses welcome)

a secretSneak to the quiet readers of secretGeek...

how reddit encourages mediocrity.

Tip o the day: Copy Text from MessageBox/Msgbox

VS2005 Tip: Which file am I working on?

FTL: Faster than Light -- Functional Text Language

Fajax -- the fake alternative to ajax

Latt blixt tycka om litvak.

Dirty Larry

VB 6 Developers, lend me an err...

Ultra Mobile PC: A Boon to Private Health

Early Screenshot Technology

Never BCC an Idiot.

Big In Japan!

A moment to reflect

Get On Up!

Damn that's one ugly customer!

10 Ways to boost the Zen of Paint: Suggested improvements in MS Paint

I think you're coming back for more than just the hunting

Thought Game

Discoverable feeds for the not-so-liberal

seXml: a very dirty little dialect

What does XML look like on other planets?

Miscommunication Grows Faster than Communication

The Face of Ruby on Rails

Quick Prototyping Technique

How Contextual Help Works in Visual Studio 2003

Launch the Code Editor on startup

Printing 'Console' Screenshots? Save your Toner/Ink

Marked up: Finalists for the 16th Annual Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Awards

Tip: MS Paint Power User -- Setting Line Thickness

Tip: Don't Want Outlook Notification About EVERY email?


Thought for the day

rescued by timeSnapper

Copy, Copy, Copy, Paste: PowerToy Needed.

Where's my damn robot?

the SecretMaker

It's raining B&amp;B's

Suspicious Mail

Unposted thoughts and SkunkWorks

The True Meaning of Xmas

No shortage of Punny Titles over at the Monad centre

TimeSnapper Supports Multiple Monitors!

Microsoft to give away Windows for Free... (maybe)

Elevator Pitch of the Century!!

Forget Intellisense: I want IntelliSEARCH

FU: Findability precedes Usability.

Help Needed with a little .Net function...

Lessons from Amazon referrals

Kitchen KanBan: Some 'Life Hacks' I want

VS 2003: Macros needed

Some Recent Picks...

Conway's Game of Life (in Javascript)

Obstacles To International Development free download

Essential Ajax Resources pt I

Software Hurts The Mind

Mailbox Size Limits: Gotta Love Em!

Let's Go Right Ahead

Pay Day for the Ideas Rat

Ten Goods Deeds A Blogger Can Perform

Nagging Little Imbecile

Is MS Windows ready for the desktop?

"What's your solution?"

Comparison of three Ajax Portals

Sony, Spawn of Satan

Five Ways To Play Nice with 'Live.Com'

Passfaces... Very memorable

Joe Celko, Bill of Materials, hierarchical nested trees, data explosion...

Nitpicking Yahoo Mail

Messenger Disgruntlement

The Search Ends Here

Over-groomed baboon baby

Jonathan Coulton: Geeky Folk Music You Can Download

the Best of secretGeek

Go Al!!

TODO Driven Development: Build-Integration

Web Hype 2.0

Gmail autosaves your drafts

What is so scary about DLINQ?

LINQ love

AJAX website allows surgeons to work from home

Infinity LIMITed

recycling the mental cache

Tough Crowd

Eric Sink deserves the Garry Kasparov Medal of Strategic Brilliance!

suggestion for C#.Next: The "aint" operator

Brisbane .NET Developer Position

This Comptometric Age

The Real Thing

Schnippetize your life

Start Dot Com Slash Three

frank = loud loud shirt

Holes In Team Foundation Server Are Good Things (Teched 2005 Australia)

Team Foundation Server: Check-in Policies

Hey Fred -- I'm off to Tech-Ed.

Problem Fixed in the Next Version!

The brain is not strongly typed

10 Line Marvel: 3 column CSS only layout (No tables)

Free Money For Doin What You Love

Thus Spake Gaksloope: The future of browse and code

Fun Color-Pickin Background Image Blend Thing

Winderrrr XP

Delpino -- Last Ever Show

Gradient Maker

A Color Gradient Webservice

Another Day for Mort

MS Paint //Master Class//

Mozilla Firefox (the //other// browser)...

New Company, New Language, Same IDE...

Fake Workplaces Of The Internet

Tip O The Day: Quit Buggin Me, Messenger.

Kindly Shut Up About 'Best Practices'

Sexy Tool for Fast, Active Coding -- Any Language!

Speed Surfer? Get a 'Local' Homepage

on leaving a job...

I am well chuffed

VB,C#: Me My This That

Hot .Net Tip: This will save you a lot of time

Any minute now...

Treat Your Eyes

Today's HOT Dos Tip...

Can You Lower The Quality To Save On Costs?

Simple Example of Using the World's Simplest Code Generator....

Online petition for less on-line petitions.

Act Local, Blog Global

The World's Simplest Code Generator

Software Idea: Automatic ScreenShot Journal

Whack Your Boss

Cool Company Seeks Java and .net IT Graduates in Sydney

Hey Brisbaner! Want to join a Superfast, Wireless Peer To Peer Community?



Rule Number 1: Give Me Screenshots.

Why is it that so many managers have missed this crucial lesson?

SO... Should I waste my time getting an MCAD? (I hear you ask)

Spolsky Madness!

Enhance Reporting Services By Including A Function Library

Push a Bamboo Shoot Under Your Fingernails If You Use Windows Every Day And Didn't Already Know This Simple Fact

I'm 13 percent of the way there.

readin tooooo much xml

Use Your Instant Messenger To Query Amazon

Computers Programmers On TV Shows

Too Many Damn Arrows in VS.Net!

Visual Basic 6: Going... Going... Gone...

Four Thoughts For Friday

Blogging Map of Brisbane

Are you seeking a .Net Role in Brisbane or Sydney?

Can Microsoft Reporting Services retrieve data from Oracle?

Dreaded Return of the Marquee Tag!

When will VB get multi-line comments?

Usability in Visual Studio: Further Nitpickings of a Nitwit

IE7! -- how exciting! (note false enthusiasm)

Ancient Chinese Wisdom about Blogging, about Slashdot, about Scoble, about...

Sure beats Northwind.

You know your query is getting a little intense when...

The horror, the horror... that is cubicle coffee.

Usability Rant: Visual Studio .Net

SQL Server Enterprise Manager Tip: Printing Diagrams

Okay it's been ten minutes, where's my damn yacht!

Not So Stunning Sentences

I liked secretGeek before he was just a corporate sell out

Yep, here's your problem.

The Future of Music, MP3s and Moods. Or not. Procrastination, DHTML, CSS, Design.

Development While You Wait

Impress your geeky colleagues with clever tips and hidden treasures

Goals List for 2005

Hey! This is your chance!

Wicked Podcast Update

My Inaugral Podcast!!

Christmas at the <a href=''>Scoble</a> Household!


Award for the Silliest User Interface: Windows Search

Man Names His First Born Child: 'Blog'

Dirty Scoble?

Faster than the speed of blog

<i>SOFT</i>ware is **SOFT** Get it, monkey?

The Lord of the Keys

Stepping out of Luddite Land

Save Dog as Virtual Chicken

Coder to Developer: to the rescue again

Stuckness: other Delicious news

43 Folders...And November 3

All Consuming

Reporting services -- Tips and tricks

A Gmail Wiki.

Sometimes you frustrate me, Mrs. Reporting Services.

Google.RumourCount += 1

Hiatus Halted

How to be depressed

Messagebox Marketing

Winnable Solitaire: Sink or Swim?

Nomenclature 2 Rethinkify

CitiBank swims with the phishers

Need a definition? Use a dictionary, not Google.

Clubbing the Crystal Dodo

The MVP Program Just Went Downhill :-)


A short note about Albert Einstein

All the software's a stage

'1954: A time when men mowed the grass wearing a tie.'

Company-Wide Memo

A favelet, an email, a web service

The 3rd of the month -- Hey! it's backup day!

What is a geek?

Looking for a gmail invite?

So you've got GMail

Your Help is Needed

Beloved Morons

final thoughts for the week

Lutz Roeder's Reflector Is Magic

MS Word -- Executive Edition

Lost In Translation

Yet Another Outlook Rule

More Animal Monitoring

Regex versus Messenger

Word of the Day: Mobilion number

Signs of a bad web developer

Graphic design for engineers: the logo

Can you Nest Enums?

Question: Which code snippet is "better"?

Programmer's Purgatory

Hey Mike!

Dirty Plagiarist

Nobody Can Eat Fifty Eggs.

Why Am I Here?

The Where, the Who and the Why of Steve Lombardi

I must strangle someone.

How do they <i>do</i> that?

Using Books for Support and Technical Elevation

Triggers: Very Good, or Very Bad?

Congratulations Greece!

A Case of the Scobles

Beer Game

Radio DJ is to Rockgod, as SysAdmin is to Developer

Hungarian Polarity

How Microsoft Lost the Joel War

MMMS: A Map of My Mind-Space

The um, Leon Test?

For the Love of God, Enter this Damn Competition Already!

Hot New Feature!

Lowering the ceiling instead of the floor

Y2-GAY: Government Approves Third Gender; DBA's Panic!

Embedded-Sql without Sql-Injection

Microsoft Crumbles Under Blogging Pressure

Einstein Quiz -- Winners Announced

Fat Kid's PIN is '2751'

A Gift Bag For New Programmers...

Writer's Block, Geek-Block, and Procrastination

Two-Way Date-String Conversion (in .Net)

VOIP (Voice Over Internet-Protocol), officially real!

Sexy New Development Methodology!

Three Good Rules

Getting A Longhorn Of Your Own

R.I.P. Loki.

Three -=FAT=- tips

Ask Eric

I have been bribed, so now I will blog.

Just keep zooming -- the resolution never degrades.

You are NOT inadequate.

Shake that keyboard baby!

Let Us Welcome 'The Nemo Fish'

Going Full Circle: Using "Commands"

XPLT: eXtensible Parser Language Transformations

Your New PC Won't Let You Work On ASP.Net?

Roy's Competition: Some Suggested Add-Ins for Visual Studio.Net

Excel-Lite: Hey coder! This spreadsheet's for you!

I am not worthy

Riddle me this, batman.

Stupid Code To The Rescue!

How to match a string value to its equivalent Enum value.

the unbearable lightness of being Delpino

Two security hacks i'm looking forward to:

Things I miss about London


Royo on TV?

Double-posting comments: blame the software!

A few changes on the way

I don't speak good really

A Handy Little Button

Email Personality Quiz

Programmer's Creed: The Mark of Quality

Test Your Security

Court Fines Microsoft over Anti-Competitive Calculator

Beware of this email

Cubicle Messages

Never Trust A SysAdmin

The Toilet Reservation System is finally online

Why ".net" is crap.

&lt;Rant topic='Hungarian'&gt;Damn I get mad about stuff!

I'm rich!

'Try again after midnight'? Yeh, right!

Technical Writing: 10 Mistakes you don't wanna make

Dogfooding Your Mother-In-Law

The four horsemen of the online apocalypse

It's the Little Things that Sh*t Me Most

Live Mars Feed!

Anti-Trust: bad geek movie

How **Not** to win friends

Rory Blyth style shout out to my homies

Nasty Tricksy Microsoft MVP Awards

The Animated Woody Allen

Why blogging is dangerous

Excel VBA: We hates it! We hates it! We hates it for ever and ever!

ASP and the Tower of Babel

Lessons I have learnt


Einstein Quiz

Web Snob

An Open Letter to Technical Authors


Visual Basic Professionals versus C++ Professionals

Constraint Files Explained

Who Plays Golf?

Between Christmas and New Year

.Net Remoting: the Quick and Dirty Guide

Following links can be dangerous...

Don't you 'Dare' insult Microsoft

Definitive .Net and VB.Net Links

Ward Cunningham Joins Microsoft

It's Not Saddam

Geeks Are Good Talkers

Got Rss? Have you? Have you?

Technical Year In review

It's My Future

Programming Security

SiteMap for secretGeek

Common Windows Shortcuts

Network Stuff

Underground XML

Encrapulation Considered Harmful

How To Revise a Dog Ugly Manuscript

The Complete Software Lifecycle

Visual Studio .Net Tips

Technical Writing: breadth first with iteration.

Smartjelly Improvements

"Dot-Net Awareness" Day!

Dot Net Rookie Mistakes

secretGeek now syndicated!

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