The great big leaky sales funnel: a micro-ISV primer

1,000,000 people read about timesnapper...

50% don't click on the link to the website. (500,000 people remain)

50% visit the site, don't bother to download it. (250,000 people remain)

50% begin to install, but get distracted and forget. (125,000 people remain)

50% install TimeSnapper, but never run it again. (62,500 people remain)

50% run it, but can't work out how to use it. (31,250 people remain)

50% can use it, but don't find it very useful. (15,625 people remain)

50% want to buy it, but can't find the website again. (7,812 people remain)

50% find the website, but can't see where to purchase it. (3906 people remain)

50% find where to purchase it, but don't like the price. (1953 people remain)

50% don't mind the price, but don't trust paypal. (977 people remain)

50% trust pay pal, but enter the wrong credit card details. (488 people remain)

And that's how 1,000,000 people can become your first 500 precious customers!

Double the effectiveness of any one step in the chain, and you double the number of customers at the end of it all.

Obviously, once you've found a customer, treat 'em good. Listen to what they suggest in the forums, help them when they have problems.

(I'm currently preparing a talk for the Queensland MSDN user group -- November 20 -- about building a micro ISV. The above thought struck me, so i decided to share it here.)

Please come along! I'll blog more about it in time, of course.


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