I have been bribed, so now I will blog.

.Net Developers throughout the Australian landmass have just received their free MSDN connection welcome packs. This includes a free magazine of your choice (provided your choice is ".net asia", that is) and a letter from the new author of the MSDN Flash newsletter, Caroline Price, presumably written between bouts of hang-gliding, bungee jumping and so on.

There's also a rather rakish identification card (not photographic, god bless) you can use to earn geek-reward-points. Though my favourite thing is the poster of namespaces from the .net framework.

I think that bribing developers is an excellent idea. Future bribery should include a free tablet PC, a free iPod (not very microsoft, i know) and a free visit to Redmond. I respond well to Gadgets, Sweet Food, Caffeine-Products, Beer and Holidays. I also accept t-shirts. Medium.

The MSDN Connection bribery programme is an initiative by Microsoft to build up developer user groups and communities, and has the blessing of ineta.

Another good resource for Australian .Net Developers is Frank Arrigo's blog where he maintains a list of aussie .net bloggers.

While I'm on the Australia thing, the site superior software for windows is geek bliss, largely due to the work of Adam Cogan.

(end of this waffle.)

(There could have been an article here... but the waffle died out. Comments are enabled... go for it.)


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