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Tips For Working From Home

Desert Skies - exclusive inside information from the developers


You Feel The Blood Drain From Your Face (A DevOps story)

This is why I don't go to nice restaurants any more.

Hello IT Department

A new era for Android.

I went to write down a book name and founded an internet empire instead.

Where shall we have lunch?

The new prisoner's dilemma

DevShop: The Cool Game that Makes Development Look Fun

Give and Take in the Software Industry

Growing Up Geek (A Hanselmeme)

A to Z of Software Methodologies

Who Would You Back? Really?

More about the wiki adventure game...

Your Brain Is In 10 Kinds of Trouble

52 great reasons to fail at software

DotCom versus Web 2.0

Brisbane Thai Restaurant

Where's my damn robot?

Lessons from Amazon referrals

Kitchen KanBan: Some 'Life Hacks' I want

New Company, New Language, Same IDE...

Tip O The Day: Quit Buggin Me, Messenger.

Why is it that so many managers have missed this crucial lesson?

readin tooooo much xml

The horror, the horror... that is cubicle coffee.

Wicked Podcast Update

All the software's a stage

final thoughts for the week

How Microsoft Lost the Joel War

R.I.P. Loki.

I have been bribed, so now I will blog.

Shake that keyboard baby!

XPLT: eXtensible Parser Language Transformations

Email Personality Quiz

Dogfooding Your Mother-In-Law

Twitching on Fraser Isle

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