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Developer Codpieces

The Rules of Stand Up

A to Z of Software Methodologies

Behavior Driven Development: As Human As Possible

Brisbane's Independent .NET Consultant

Thou Shalt Have One Exit Point Per Subroutine -- A Monkey Cage Conundrum

Sorry Visual Basic -- I is through *WITH* YOU!

That Shakespeare Loved His Code

Back Seat Driven Development

Are We There Yet? Using Circles To Measure Progress

Why Accurate Estimations Are Just Not Possible

Test-Driven Hypocrisy? Who tests the test?

Agile and Test-Driven: A Marriage Made In Hell?

The Project Never Ends

Annotating Your Code with Simple Tests

Thought Game: Duplicate Driven Programming

Stop Rolling Your Own CSV Parser!

Momentum as a substitute for Quality

Miscommunication Grows Faster than Communication

the Best of secretGeek

TODO Driven Development: Build-Integration

Kindly Shut Up About 'Best Practices'

I'm 13 percent of the way there.

Microsoft Crumbles Under Blogging Pressure

Sexy New Development Methodology!

Three -=FAT=- tips

Dogfooding Your Mother-In-Law

Programming Security

SiteMap for secretGeek

The Complete Software Lifecycle

Refactoring With Whidbey

Cultural Ignorance Comes at a Price

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