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A console.log() adventure

On Task Hoarding and Todo Bankruptcy

NimbleText: Origins

DOS on Dope: The last MVC web framework you'll ever need

God No! ...The ReBuilder

It's 2009 already -- where's my damn internet-based IDE??

A to Z of Software Methodologies

Everything that's bad for you is suddenly good for you!

Google AppEngine: evil virus or viral evil?

More about the wiki adventure game...

A reflection on hate week.

Fluidic APIs are stupid... NOT!

Go Don Syme!! Go F#!!

General Purpose Programming Language... Good For Nothing?

Look at all the things I'm NOT doing!

Scoop: Microsoft Expression Suite To Run On Apple Computers!

That Shakespeare Loved His Code

Translating a little bit of (microsoft) double talk...

An Open Letter To Scott Guthrie.

10 "Million-Dollar-Ideas" from

Powershell on Rails -- MonadRail!

A Faster Ruby.

Step 2 of 25 to Building a Micro-ISV: Reliable Hosting

Predictions for 2007

Gunderloy, Spolsky, Atwood: three big idiots.

And Microsoft has Won

Ruby versus .Net? If Languages (and IDE's) were Vehicles... what would you be driving?

A Kilo of Days Ground

The Truth About Lisp

Concurrent Tautologys (all happening together at once)

What next for the 3 minute guides??

Babysteps in WATIR

syntax, lang = 'sweet', 'ruby'

XML isn't a mark-up language.

The Face of Ruby on Rails

Marked up: Finalists for the 16th Annual Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Awards

Some Recent Picks...

Two-Way Date-String Conversion (in .Net)

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