An Open Letter To Scott Guthrie.

the famous yellow screen of death

(I saw someone else write one of these -- so i thought i'd give it a go)

Listen Here Scott!

I have an idea that might help microsoft overtake google for online ad revenue.

Why not place text-based advertisements on the default 'yellow screen of death' error page that comes with

Just little one-liners, right down the bottom of the page, are all you'd need, something like this:

I know many companies that would pay a premium to be included on such oft-visited pages.

Say there are 100 million sites, visited 10000 times a day each, erroring just 0.01 percent of the time, that's 100 million impressions per day!

Slip a few bugs in the next release of -- you could easily push it up over a billion impressions per day!

I don't ask much. The usual 30% commission will suffice.

take care,

(image snaffled from coding horror. Ta Jeff!)


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