TimeSnapper -- Feature Comparison

We've finally posted up a Feature Comparison Chart for TimeSnapper that tells you the difference between the 'free' and 'professional' editions.

This is something we didn't create at first (at first there was only a free version!) and it's something that will take continual maintenance as the professional edition pulls further ahead...

Hopefully some people will find it useful.

Remember I'm no graphic designer -- so anyone with suggestions for making that page look nicer, please speak up...

The next version is being actively developed (as always). Crunch time is approaching, it should be available soon.

I was absolutely saved by the OCR extraction feature this week when I lost my "ToDo.txt" file at work.

This is the file that acts as a workbench for all my text manipulation, hosts countless drafts of code snippets and ideas, and at the top of the file is my daily activity log.

I don't back it up onto work servers because it's such a personal document... yet as i discovered this week, it's one of my most valuable digital assets.

By the way -- have you seen that site: Todotxt.com, maintained by one of my favourite people, Gina Trapani (chief hacker behind life hacker). When I find that extra day of the week (Unday, between sunday and monday) I'll spend it writing some powershell scripts for todo.txt management.


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