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Productivity with Powershell: Grab your agenda from outlook as plain text

5 minutes to import CSV to a database: What do you do?

React is NOT ok

Using "ok" as a Project Control Room

2018 By The Numbers

I have some feedback for you...

How do you get things done?

The Book Is Ready

I'm .ok you're .ok: introducing folder profiles for bash and powershell

Your photos are a mess! Maybe this PowerShell script can help

Navigating at the command line

How to get in the zone

Publishing on Amazon: Lakes Creek Adventures

The Ultimate Star Wars t-shirt


6 different ways to run an core web application

Post Slackathon Wrap up

Less than 3 days until the Stupid Ideas Powershell Slackathon.

The Stupid Ideas Powershell Slackathon

Hosting an infinite number of apps in the cloud for free, on your own domains.

Today I Learned

npm is not just for node... npm is for EVERYTHING

Console Is Forever

The Secret Life of Connection Strings In Oracle! (Oracle DBA's Hate Me.)

The Laggard's Guide to Getting Started with 5 Using Yeoman.

Writing Your First Mercurial Extension

UPDATE a table using a JOIN to another table (or to itself)

How Businesses Are Actually Structured.

A console.log() adventure


Sweating the Small Stuff

Using the commandline to write a book

Hacking Hyperink (aka. changing the font-size of an Epub on Kobo)

How Bundling Doubled The Income of ''

Boothby, a personal database

Humans: A Tragedy.

Programming The Robot from Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The Shape of Your Irrationality

CRUMBS! Commandline navigation tool for Powershell

Extracting a Trello board as markdown

hgs: Manage Lots of Mercurial Projects Simultaneously

AddDays: A Very Simple Date Calculator

Art of the command-line helper

Go and read a book.

aaron swartz: the early works

Finding (and removing) duplicate files on your hard drive

Harvey, a .net chat server built with RabbitMQ

kv can remember it for you, wholesale

Developer UI Done Right: Mercurial Commandline!

Mind-boggling Demo of New Gaming Genre, aka Folder-Based Hangman, aka Fun with Recursion

NimbleText: Origins

Custom Errors in ASP.Net MVC: It couldn't be simpler, right?

Boring article about fixing a 'Login failed... untrusted domain' issue when connecting to SQL Server.

The 'less crashy' release of NimbleText

The NO Visual Studio movement: Compiling .net projects in Notepad++

Grabbing the free songs of Jonathan Coulton (with Powershell)

DOS on Dope: The last MVC web framework you'll ever need

24 things to do, and 100 things *not* to do (yet) for building a MicroISV

Suggested User Experience Improvements for DiffMerge

SQL Style Extensions for C#

Sysi: the ultimate administrators toolkit

The secretGeek Disaster Recovery plan

God No! ...The ReBuilder

Really deep linking: Url + regex

Your next text editor is... MetaNote!

Further proof that testing is for wimps and bad programmers

Found Time!

Give and Take in the Software Industry

baby steps in microsoft robotics studio...

Worst. Bug. Ever.

Growing Up Geek (A Hanselmeme)

Simple Trouble Shooting Application Now Fixes Everything

A magic goal for software businesses

Lost Treasures of the DOS World: tree!

How to be Jeff Atwood

A truly original thought

Wiki as Text Adventure Game

F### yeh! i still got it baby!

Your Brain, And the Effects of Syntax Highlighting

Step 5 of 25 to Building a Micro-ISV: Install traffic monitoring on your web site

General Purpose Programming Language... Good For Nothing?

A weird casestudy in technical research

World's Simplest Code Generator: implemented in pure Javascript

Sick Of Being Nagged to Restart, Every 10 Minutes After An Update?

Portable Open Persona

The Truth About Attention Deficit Dis... Oh, new mail.

TimeSnapper -- Feature Comparison

Scheming on the Pocket PC

Step 3 of 25 -- Design Your Website

10 "Million-Dollar-Ideas" from

Powershell on Rails -- MonadRail!

Remove Duplicate Rows From A Text File Using Powershell

Is there a general solution to string templating?

Remove empty lines from a file using Powershell.

How to Sneak .net 2.0 into an organization

And Microsoft has Won

Whose Month is it anyway?

A Kilo of Days Ground

ShinyPower Now Opensource

PowerTools for Powershell

F# -- the 3 minute guide!

syntactic sweeteners, part ][

sweet syntactic sugar

Concurrent Tautologys (all happening together at once)

What next for the 3 minute guides??

Babysteps in WATIR

Babysteps in PowerShell part deux: Variables! Real Proper Variables!

An Absolute Beginner's Babysteps In PowerShell...


6 Tools for Documentation++

Fajax -- the fake alternative to ajax

Discoverable feeds for the not-so-liberal

What does XML look like on other planets?

Printing 'Console' Screenshots? Save your Toner/Ink

Unposted thoughts and SkunkWorks

Lessons from Amazon referrals

Software Hurts The Mind

the Best of secretGeek

TODO Driven Development: Build-Integration

What is so scary about DLINQ?

The brain is not strongly typed

Gradient Maker

I am well chuffed

Today's HOT Dos Tip...

Rule Number 1: Give Me Screenshots.

SO... Should I waste my time getting an MCAD? (I hear you ask)

Spolsky Madness!

Not So Stunning Sentences

Impress your geeky colleagues with clever tips and hidden treasures

Faster than the speed of blog

Coder to Developer: to the rescue again

Stuckness: other Delicious news

How to be depressed

Need a definition? Use a dictionary, not Google.


A short note about Albert Einstein

What is a geek?

Graphic design for engineers: the logo

Why Am I Here?

How Microsoft Lost the Joel War

MMMS: A Map of My Mind-Space

Embedded-Sql without Sql-Injection

A Gift Bag For New Programmers...

Writer's Block, Geek-Block, and Procrastination

Three Good Rules

Three -=FAT=- tips

Just keep zooming -- the resolution never degrades.

You are NOT inadequate.

Going Full Circle: Using "Commands"

Roy's Competition: Some Suggested Add-Ins for Visual Studio.Net

I am not worthy

Stupid Code To The Rescue!


.Net Remoting: the Quick and Dirty Guide

Technical Year In review

SiteMap for secretGeek

Network Stuff

Essential Software for Geeks and Power Browsers

The Lost Art of Batch Programming

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