Unposted thoughts and SkunkWorks

Last blog entry for the year i reckon. list of things i haven't released:

  • quicklaunch and tasktray sharing meme
  • cubicle back care, ten tips
  • w3scg to be completed and 'launched'
  • owner draw combo -- the full gamut
  • asp.net hosted shell applciation
  • 'kingShark' -- the ajax command line language
  • forgiveness -- the pre-xsl parser language
  • tixInBoxes -- the ajaxian wiki form engine
  • skunkWorks -- overview
  • exercise/social
  • human versus computer
  • modified online Game Of Life for two players

Summary of Year

  • Changed job.

    Old job went bad. New job goes great. Kept friends at old job, didn't burn bridges: best of both worlds.

  • Almost no holidays

    (still, did get to: Fraser Island, Hervey Bay, Bunya Mountains, Stanthorpe, Peregian Beach, Gold Coast, Melbourne et al.)

  • favourite code:

    a software license validation webservice, and a reflection-based optimistic concurrency clash resolver

  • unexpected wins:

    inclusion in best of software writing and winning larkware comp with timeSnapper


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