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Stashy is a Really simple Key Value store

2018 By The Numbers

Using Computers to Invent New and *Fun* European Style Board Games

The Secret Life of Connection Strings In Oracle! (Oracle DBA's Hate Me.)

The Laggard's Guide to Getting Started with 5 Using Yeoman.

The Zen of Telling Notepad++ That .Config Files are XML

How can we do better?

Spaced Repetition Software... for Kids!

So your domain has been stolen. What now?

On Task Hoarding and Todo Bankruptcy

Rediscovering the Amstrad CPC 6128

NimbleText: Origins

The 'less crashy' release of NimbleText

Wanted: Wiki Lists (dot org)

JSON Query Languages: 5 special purpose editors

What then, is b?

Hump-Jumping: How the Education of Computer Science can be Saved, err, maybe.

SQL Style Extensions for C#

A face-melting DSL that allows programming ON the iPhone (and iPad)

Perhaps "Go" is the new Visual Basic

A 3 minute guide to embedding IronPython in a C# application

8 ways to be a better programmer in 6 minutes.

baby steps in microsoft robotics studio...

Babbage and Boole!

The Virtual Machine Machine and the Virtual Virtual Machine

Leaky Abstractions? Try Asp.Net!

Sample Code From Text-Adventure Game Platforms

Everything that's bad for you is suddenly good for you!

Google AppEngine: evil virus or viral evil?

F# Eye for the C# guy

Anonymous Methods: Now that's a dumb name!

More about the wiki adventure game...

Your Brain Is In 10 Kinds of Trouble

secretGeek: Predictions for 2008

Christmas Roundup

Fluidic APIs are stupid... NOT!

Your Brain, And the Effects of Syntax Highlighting

Go Don Syme!! Go F#!!

General Purpose Programming Language... Good For Nothing?

World's Simplest Code Generator: implemented in pure Javascript

Argument Modifiers: 'ref', 'out', 'params' and 'this'

Scoop: Microsoft Expression Suite To Run On Apple Computers!

Sorry Visual Basic -- I is through *WITH* YOU!

How to aggregate a bit column

That Shakespeare Loved His Code

Separation Anxiety

MicroISV: Step 4 of 25 -- Basic Website Content

Faster Than Light -- For Real This Time


Translating a little bit of (microsoft) double talk...

10 "Million-Dollar-Ideas" from

Powershell on Rails -- MonadRail!

Is there a general solution to string templating?

Remove empty lines from a file using Powershell.

There's Three Ways To Know Anything

Predictions for 2007

What are the coolest XML projects? Really?

And Microsoft has Won

The trouble with "High Priority"

Demo: Exec-Inline, an Add-in that executes the currently selected code, immediately

Ruby versus .Net? If Languages (and IDE's) were Vehicles... what would you be driving?

A Kilo of Days Ground

Annotating Your Code with Simple Tests

Thought Game: Duplicate Driven Programming

The Truth About Lisp

F# -- the 3 minute guide!

Concurrent Tautologys (all happening together at once)

What next for the 3 minute guides??

Joel asked: Can your language do this?

What is JSON: the 3 minute JSON Tutorial

An Absolute Beginner's Babysteps In PowerShell...

XML isn't a mark-up language.

Very detailed and serious comparison of functional and imperative programming styles

What does 'yep' mean, exactly?

Why Worry? (Ajax Edition)

VB.Net Tip: IIF is a function, not a language feature

FTL: Faster than Light -- Functional Text Language

seXml: a very dirty little dialect

Unposted thoughts and SkunkWorks

Some Recent Picks...

Conway's Game of Life (in Javascript)

What is so scary about DLINQ?

LINQ love

Thus Spake Gaksloope: The future of browse and code

Gradient Maker

A Color Gradient Webservice

New Company, New Language, Same IDE...

Sexy Tool for Fast, Active Coding -- Any Language!

Simple Example of Using the World's Simplest Code Generator....


Reporting services -- Tips and tricks

Nomenclature 2 Rethinkify

Lutz Roeder's Reflector Is Magic

Lost In Translation

Word of the Day: Mobilion number

XPLT: eXtensible Parser Language Transformations

Roy's Competition: Some Suggested Add-Ins for Visual Studio.Net

Excel-Lite: Hey coder! This spreadsheet's for you!

I don't speak good really

ASP and the Tower of Babel

Lessons I have learnt

Constraint Files Explained

.Net Remoting: the Quick and Dirty Guide

Definitive .Net and VB.Net Links

SiteMap for secretGeek

Dot Net Rookie Mistakes

How to write a novel

Twitching on Fraser Isle

Essential Software for Geeks and Power Browsers

French Archaeologists Find First Website

Cultural Ignorance Comes at a Price

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