Word of the Day: Mobilion number

Defined on http://hardbutnot.blogspot.com/

Mobilion number
An integer which only becomes interesting when typed into a *spell-as-you-go* mobile telephone.

example: 34789 739 233428

He also defines:

techtic (n)
The faint repetitive behaviour of a true geek when excited. e.g. hand waving, swaying back and forth, nodding furiously, or saying "arguably".

Be careful clicking around his sight. He led me to a number of 'blocked' pages.

Oh yes... people from the USA apparently refer to mobile phones as 'cell phones' so you'll need to bastardise the word 'Mobilion' in some way.

But you've got plenty of experience doing that with every other word in the English language, so I need not offer any advice. ;-)



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