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NimbleText is now a Machine Learning Platform

Using Computers to Invent New and *Fun* European Style Board Games

Television Bankruptcy

Have you ever seen the International Space Station?

Launching the secretGeek Wiki

Go and read a book.

Do *NOT* try this Hacking Script at home

Harvey, a .net chat server built with RabbitMQ

On Task Hoarding and Todo Bankruptcy

The Correct Order for a First Time Viewing of The Lord Of The Rings

I went to write down a book name and founded an internet empire instead.

I see you're using vim. Let me fix that for you.

The Movie Hollywood (And My Wife) Doesn't Want You To See: Weekend at Jacko's

Movie: Priest Academy

Original Premise for a road movie

10 Simple Rules To Follow In Case Your Software Becomes Self-Aware

A truly original thought

TimeSnapper 3.0 -- an interactive, bubbling cauldron of possibilities

Workflow software: I'm calling the bluff.

More about the wiki adventure game...

TimeSnapper 2.7: Word Clouds reveal your computing lifestyle!

52 great reasons to fail at software

TimeSnapper Special - 9 More Days

How to block websites that kill your productivity.

Don't Forget The Caret^ and the $tick

The Principle of Scale: A fundamental lesson they failed to teach us at school

MicroISV: Step 4 of 25 -- Basic Website Content

Top Tips of 2007, part I: Leon's One-Step Guide to Making a Nature Appreciation Film in Africa

Gunderloy, Spolsky, Atwood: three big idiots.

Unlikely to fill Gmail account before I die

TimeSnapper 2 Goes Live!

Gripping Reading, All The Way Through!

TimeSnapper 2.0 is near to completion

Forget Intellisense: I want IntelliSEARCH

FU: Findability precedes Usability.

Lessons from Amazon referrals

Pay Day for the Ideas Rat

Save Dog as Virtual Chicken

A Gmail Wiki.

Just keep zooming -- the resolution never degrades.

Email Personality Quiz

Anti-Trust: bad geek movie


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