Do *NOT* try this Hacking Script at home

From this answer at stackoverflow, I read:

I saw this one in a bollywood movie. Our hero was busy romancing with his gf until his friend informs him about upcoming college exams. So, he decides to get examination papers by hacking into his college network. This is how he goes about it:

Enters Lab. Opens up a command prompt window. Types - Hack System

And that's it!!...A window pops up- System Hacked

He gets access to all papers and returns to his gf for a romantic song :)

Mind blown. I just had to try it out:

C:\temp>copy con hack.bat
@echo %* hacked!!!!
        1 file(s) copied.

C:\temp>hack system
system hacked!!!!

C:\temp>hack internet
internet hacked!!!!

C:\temp>hack FBI
FBI hacked!!!!

Drunk with power, yet trembling in terror; I'm sitting here with the door barricaded, certain the feds are going to burst through the door at any moment.

Do *not* try this at home.


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