Original Premise for a road movie

I woke up, feverish at 2 AM last night and typed this out. Here goes.

Original Premise for a road movie

Our hero is a nerdy kid, a computer lover. And he's also a fan of a particular rock band.

At 2 AM one morning the kid, our nerd hero, discovers that his favourite band's web domain has expired!

He springs into action and snaps it up -- he becomes the owner of www.WhateverTheBandIs.com -- and writes to them and tells them what happened.

Far from grateful, the band are furious! They demand it back.

Kid responds: he'll only give it back if they make him an official member of the band and take him on tour.

The band talk to their lawyer, it goes like this:

Lawyer: Well, technically the kid hasn't broken any laws. The only state this is a crime in would be (insert state name here). So if you can think of a way to get the kid to that state, then you could have him arrested.

Band: Our tour finishes in [that state].

Lawyer: So take him on tour. Get him to [state name] and arrest the little f*cker.

And that's the premise. Nerdy kid's on tour with a rockband, he tunes their guitars for them, fixes their computers, meets a girl, and is destined to be arrested.

It practically writes itself.

I've done the hard part. Now the rest is up to you.

Note that 'the kid' could instead be an overweight 48 year old bachelor. And 'the rock band' could be an all-girl Japanese rap group. Just sayin.

(Added benefit: changes like that would make me less likely to be sued by Cameron 'Almost Famous' Crowe)

Research needed: do bands actually value their webdomain so much that they'd pretend to have a kid join their band then arrest him?

Way more awesome variation: same story, except the domain that has expired is NASA. Kid snaps it up, tells NASA he wants *in* on the upcoming journey to Mars. NASA look into it and realise that it's the only way to save face, so they reluctantly agree, plus taking a kid top-side is good for publicity. What happens next? This sucker writes itself! So don't just stand there, lick yer pencil and start scribblin.

(Sorry for bleeping the swear word above, [F*cker that is] but this is a family-friendly blog. And sorry for swearing in the first place, but, well, I think we all know that lawyer's are a potty-mouthed bunch of f*ckers)


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