The new prisoner's dilemma

A complete stranger who I have never met in my life sent me this little piece today, entitled:

The new prisoner's dilemma

rockin out in jail, computer free

Assuming you're paid X per day on your current project, what multiplier of X would you have to be paid to voluntarily go to prison?

So instead of a 3 month project you do 3 months in stir, for example.

Assume in prison you are unable to see your loved ones, your freedom to do what you want when you want is curtailed, choice of food etc is reduced.

Unlike real prison let's say you're protected from forcible sodomy.

Before deciding on the exact value of X that would suit you, consider the following facts:

There's no internet access of any kind. This means you'll almost never have to worry about cross browser incompatibilities or CSS positioning.

There are no meetings in prison. None. Parole hearings, maybe, but even those are avoidable if you spend enough time in solitary.

What value of X would it take for you to accept?

Naturally the multiplier does not have to be greater than 1.


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