What's a better game than Devshop?

I was away from work, sick, on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Today, Friday, I was well enough to work from home -- but not come into the office.

Working from home was interesting. I setup my usual task board, and tore through the actions.

taskboard by 10 am becomes taskboard by 4pm

Still I missed the physical reality of the office environment. I asked my colleagues what was going on, and they sent through some very enlightening screenshots.

It seems they'd been playing a game even more awesome than DevShop.

Cubicle Attack!

The First Person Shooter in a Peaceful Office Setting.

mike attacks with foamy hot latte becomes the steve strikes back -- the stapler incident
> p1 brandishes foamy hot latte.
> p1 attacks p2.
> p1 misses.
> p2 brandishes blue stapler.
> p2 attacks p1.
> HIT!
> p2 wins.
Play again y/n?|

Which leads me to side with Wally on a possible reason why working from home is so much more productive than going into the office:

my cubicle is surrounded by idiots who make it impossible to work

Ah, 'tis true. But I'll be there Monday.


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