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2019 By The Numbers

Desert Skies - exclusive inside information from the developers

Secrets of Mastering Excel

auto play

How do you get things done?

Using Computers to Invent New and *Fun* European Style Board Games

Dadding 101: Give Your Kids A Trail of Codes To Break


Teach kids (and adults) to master algebra with DragonBox

Post Slackathon Wrap up

The Stupid Ideas Powershell Slackathon

Buying a car: A text adventure game.

How Businesses Are Actually Structured.

Launching the secretGeek Wiki

Love Me Two Times

A console.log() adventure

SimCity Drug Wars in the Real World

Two Flies! Bet Now!

OfficeQuest... Gamification for the Office Suite

The Telepresent Man.

CRUMBS! Commandline navigation tool for Powershell

hgs: Manage Lots of Mercurial Projects Simultaneously

Mind-boggling Demo of New Gaming Genre, aka Folder-Based Hangman, aka Fun with Recursion

I went to write down a book name and founded an internet empire instead.

What's a better game than Devshop?

DevShop: The Cool Game that Makes Development Look Fun

Cosmo: project status panel

Windows Search in Japan

hExcel -- A Hexagonal Spreadsheet

10 Simple Rules To Follow In Case Your Software Becomes Self-Aware

baby steps in microsoft robotics studio...

An Open, Federated Award Ceremony

TimeSnapper hits the local press... and more on Iceland

Growing Up Geek (A Hanselmeme)

Alan Kay on 'The Camel has Two Humps'

Web Tablet: Toward Less Complexity

TimeSnapper 3.1: Attack of the the Red/Green Stripes

How to be Jeff Atwood

A truly original thought

What To Do If You Find Out Your Parents Are Using Vista

Sample Code From Text-Adventure Game Platforms

Who Would You Back? Really?

More about the wiki adventure game...

Wiki as Text Adventure Game

Your Brain Is In 10 Kinds of Trouble

Thought game: What if SQL had a type called 'Operator'

Christmas Roundup

Revolutionary (versus Evolutionary) Code Generation

Step 5 of 25 to Building a Micro-ISV: Install traffic monitoring on your web site

Portable Open Persona

Choosing between Apple, Microsoft and Linux

The Yerkes-whatzy law of who now?

The Truth About Attention Deficit Dis... Oh, new mail.

Scheming on the Pocket PC

Agile and Test-Driven: A Marriage Made In Hell?

Predictions for 2007

Deadlocks: What would Feynman do?

Passwords in Sql Server 2000 are Case Insensitive by default -- WTF?

Thought Game: Duplicate Driven Programming

Web 2.0: Something's Missing

Thought Game

Unposted thoughts and SkunkWorks

Some Recent Picks...

Conway's Game of Life (in Javascript) free download

"What's your solution?"

Eric Sink deserves the Garry Kasparov Medal of Strategic Brilliance!

This Comptometric Age

10 Line Marvel: 3 column CSS only layout (No tables)

Delpino -- Last Ever Show

I am well chuffed

Software Idea: Automatic ScreenShot Journal

How to be depressed

Winnable Solitaire: Sink or Swim?

Congratulations Greece!

Beer Game

The um, Leon Test?

Roy's Competition: Some Suggested Add-Ins for Visual Studio.Net

Why blogging is dangerous


Who Plays Golf?

Recent Albums

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