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Quick reviews of Lovers by The Sleepy Jackson and Get Born by Jet


by The Sleepy Jackson

I'm going to jump in a month or two early and declare this is my albunm of the year. Their sound and mood change completely from one song to the next - but maintain a very entertaining feel throughout.

Get Born

by Jet

Bought this before I bought The Sleepy Jackson's album. It's a good album - but not great. Very little contrast throughout the album. If you think 'Are you gonna be my girl' is only a half decent song, then you'll get bored with this album very quickly. If you *really* *really* love 'Are you gonna be my girl' then you'll be happy getting 45 minutes of the same. Apparently there were millions of dollars spent producing this album, but I'm wondering where the money went? It can't cost much to get this dirty/raw kind of feeling.

Jet are playing at the next Big Day Out - so i'm going to listen to this while i sleep for the next few weeks to try and subliminially turn myself into a diehard fan by then.


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