Secrets of Mastering Excel

Inspired by a comment thread at hacker news I made this mini site:

I often want to share Joel Spolsky's famous "You Suck at Excel" video tutorial with "important" business people inside the large enterprise where I spend a lot of time.

But it would be easily misconstrued as trolling if I sent a business customer a URL that literally tells them, right in the heading, that they "suck" at excel.

So, as advised by user TuringTest (in the thread mentioned above) I created a mini site, on its own sub-domain, that is palatable to a business mindset, and brutally overlaid a heading that says "Secrets of Mastering Excel" right over the top of the "You Suck at Excel" heading.

Now I've got something I can recommend to business people without causing disharmony. And I can leave a link to it in my corporate email signature, to nudge others to improve their Excel game.

Ideally the page would detect when the video starts and remove the label, so it doesn't obscure the video. Also, I'd like to write up a set of notes about the talk, but ain't nobody got time for that, so I've linked to the notes from Max Masnick. Perfect is the mortal enemy of done and they are locked in an ultimate death embrace and that is how storm clouds create lightning but I digress.

The whole thing from idea to delivery was about an hour. I was really pleased with the speed on this one.


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