Who Plays Golf?

Although this is off topic, I just had a great idea for a New television show: 'Who plays golf?'

The format is as follows:

Contestants are shown two people, one of whom is a golf player and one who has never played golf in their life. The contestant is asked to guess which one plays golf.

(Wait for it, I'm going somewhere with this...)

Home viewers can SMS their guess in, or vote over the internet, or by calling in (costs more from a payphone).

Later in the show, the contestant gets to ask a question to each person - but the questions can only be drawn from questions that have been sent in by home viewers. And no, the question cannot be 'do you play golf?'

At the end of the show, the true golf player reveals himself and if the contestant has guessed correctly, they get a gun with three bullets in it - and three chances to kill the golf player.

If they succeed in killing the golf player, then they get the prize, which is the joy of living in a world that has one less smug golf-playing bastard. If they fail, then the golf player's hands are broken and tongue is cut out, but apart from that he's free to go.

I know I'd be watching!

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