i guess i've changed a little over the last few years. Here's a recent depiction and one from six years ago.

(thanks to Chris Doyle's Reasonably Clever for the enabling technology)

This morning on the bus I noted that the woman beside me was reading the instruction booklet for her new coffee machine. A real page turner I bet.

Last night I discovered that I am no longer the world's fittest man. I went to a cardiovascular circuit training class and after half an hour I almost collapsed from lactic acidosis. I had to lie down for the rest of the class and my muscles still feel all shaky. The extreme heat and humidity are no tremendous help. Maybe I'll stick to exercising the grey matter from now on.

Also, last night there was a 10 minute blackout after which it took two hours to reset all the blinking digital clocks. Feature creep is clearly rampant in the appliances world, where every single electronic device *must* contain time-keeping circuitry. I am happy to note that my toaster does not yet have a digital clock. I give it two years.


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