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Even though I'm polite and I click yes to let all the websites keep their cookies on my machine, for their own devilish surveillance purposes, even though I say yes and there are no doubt a million cookies filled with details about me, knowing everything i like and what i click on, and invading every ounce of my privacy, it seems that they can't seem to find the one cookie that matters, they keep losing that one cookie i care about and it's the cookie that says: "Don't autoplay the fucking videos on youtube." Just don't do it. He's told us, over and over, on every device, not to autoplay those videos, just hold onto this one simple fact, this tiny binary digit of truth, and do not autoplay those videos. But that's the one cookie they cannot retain, they cannot keep hold of, it evades their grasp, it leaps out of their fingers like an oily fish cookie, a digusting cookie flavour that is not very popular when A/B tested in regular stores, it is the slipperiest cookie and i click once more to say "again, i tell you, please i beg you, do not autoplay your videos" and once more I know they will forget this fact as they have a specific form of memory loss, a Korsakoff syndrome all their own, where all private thoughts of an individual are retained indefinitely and sold to the highest bidder but one particular bit of data is unlike any other and is somehow coated in polytetrafluoroethene and cannot be persisted in any form, it is like those burn after reading messages that will self destruct as soon as they are read and so i am stuck endlessly watching one autoplayed video after another down stranger and stranger wormholes down rabbit rabbit holes in weird enclaves of digital degeneration as i see things unthinkable things things i cannot unsee and always i squirm and wish to escape but it cannot be done i must keep watching them play and play the playing must be played they cannot pause their playing, the playing must play, like clockwork orange i am bound before the screen with eyeballs clamped open by spidery metal fingers and please keep your cookie no more autoplay for me i cannot resist.



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