a html quine

Yesterday I was on a bus! Yes, a bus! I don't get to ride buses so often due to the working from home lyfe, but I took the opportunity to write some simple code (as I used to do on buses in the past... i even gave a talk about it once, when alt.net was a thing.)

And the thing I coded on the bus was a html quine.

Go and see this html quine

It's... different?

html quine.jpg

A quine is a program that produces, as output, its own source code. I've discussed and demonstrated quines over here in the wiki.

And as I say in the html quine link, although the idea had bounced around in my head for a decade, the thing that reminded me to go and do it was seeing this piece of "Code as Art" from Geoff Huntley recently: no yaml. There must be more Code as Art in this world.

See also, lengthy Hacker News discussion and more recently more discussion.


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