Why blogging is dangerous

My written output is generally of low quality and miniscule popularity. But rather than blame my own poor writing skills, I'd love to blame the blogging medium itself and claim that blogs are inherently bad and lead directly to shitty content.

So here's a quick break down of the pluses and minuses of blogs.

AttributeGood SideBad Side
High Volume Lots to read! Most of it crap :(

Broad Topics unpredictable irrelevant

poorly edited full of soul illegible

non commercial honest unappealing

very personal touching self indulgent, opinionated

instant distribution idea viruses at the speed of thought!damage control not possible

The only dangerous thing about blogging is that once an idea is blogged, it cannot be recalled. The same however is true of email, as numerous debacles have shown.

Hopefully, by harnessing the goodness and filtering out the badness, my stuff will eventually become:

  • Blogalicious
  • Blogtacular
  • Blogtagious
  • Blogdacious
  • Blogadaisical
  • Blogomatic
  • Blogadelic
  • Blogtastic
  • Blogasexual
  • Blogatantric
  • Blogosophical
  • Blogamental
  • Blogaphoric

In the meanwhile, I have to work on my blogatude.


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