Excel VBA: We hates it! We hates it! We hates it for ever and ever!

One of my new-year resolutions was that I would endeavour to allow certain portions of my brain to dry up, rot away and never be used again.

Brain segments marked for deletion are those containing skills for:

  • MS Access
  • Crystal Reports
  • Word VBA
  • Excel VBA
  • VBA in general

Although these are all excellent tools in themselves (I frequently use them for my own purposes) I loathe working in them professionally. They quickly lead to messy, ill fitting, amateur solutions that are not scaleable, not tamper proof, hard to re-use, and suffer from terrible lock-in.

But when a salesman walked into the technical area yesterday and asked:

"Who here knows excel?"

Like a fool I put up my hand and said things like, "Sure! Yep! Pick me! I'll do it!"

And in no time i'm trapped in one of these fiddly micro-projects that you just know is going to get real messy real quick.


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