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You Feel The Blood Drain From Your Face (A DevOps story)

NimbleText: Origins

The NO Visual Studio movement: Compiling .net projects in Notepad++

Perhaps "Go" is the new Visual Basic

Plugins! Plugins! Plugins! It must be TimeSnapper 3.4

8 ways to be a better programmer in 6 minutes.

Give and Take in the Software Industry

Return from an offline sojourn

F# Eye for the C# guy

How To Re-Start A Blog

Your Brain, And the Effects of Syntax Highlighting

My First WPF Application - A visual tour

Go Don Syme!! Go F#!!

The future of microsoft development

General Purpose Programming Language... Good For Nothing?

Sorry Visual Basic -- I is through *WITH* YOU!

Exec Inline AddIn for Visual Studio 2005 -- Get It Now

10 "Million-Dollar-Ideas" from

Download It Now! Exec Inline: A VS2003 add-in that lets you run a chunk of code

Demo: Exec-Inline, an Add-in that executes the currently selected code, immediately

Goodbye DLL Hell, hello Security Hell.

Annotating Your Code with Simple Tests

Thought Game: Duplicate Driven Programming

What is JSON: the 3 minute JSON Tutorial

syntax, lang = 'sweet', 'ruby'

XML isn't a mark-up language.

You Learn Something (Scary) Every Day

How the 'ref' keyword affects the use of objects

6 Tools for Documentation++

Marketing Weasels Who Write Code

ReDim for C#, using Generics

VB.Net Tip: IIF is a function, not a language feature

FTL: Faster than Light -- Functional Text Language

VB 6 Developers, lend me an err...

the Best of secretGeek

Brisbane .NET Developer Position

Schnippetize your life

New Company, New Language, Same IDE...

Sexy Tool for Fast, Active Coding -- Any Language!

VB,C#: Me My This That

Simple Example of Using the World's Simplest Code Generator....

The World's Simplest Code Generator

Visual Basic 6: Going... Going... Gone...

When will VB get multi-line comments?

Lutz Roeder's Reflector Is Magic

Dirty Plagiarist

How Microsoft Lost the Joel War

Lowering the ceiling instead of the floor

A Gift Bag For New Programmers...

Two-Way Date-String Conversion (in .Net)

Three -=FAT=- tips

XPLT: eXtensible Parser Language Transformations

Roy's Competition: Some Suggested Add-Ins for Visual Studio.Net

Excel VBA: We hates it! We hates it! We hates it for ever and ever!

ASP and the Tower of Babel

An Open Letter to Technical Authors

Visual Basic Professionals versus C++ Professionals

.Net Remoting: the Quick and Dirty Guide

Definitive .Net and VB.Net Links

Got Rss? Have you? Have you?

Visual Studio .Net Tips

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Refactoring With Whidbey

Defensive Programming

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