The future of microsoft development

Where is mainline Microsoft development today? Where tomorrow?

Once, mainline Microsoft development was: MFC C++ apps and VB 5 applications. For the windows platform.

Then, for a short while it was Windows Forms applications, in .net, mostly C#, partly

For the last several years, has had the lion's share of attention from microsoft.

(Compare the data providers in Windows forms versus Web forms... linq support is complete on the web, but patchy on windows)

Where's it headed now? Will it return to the windows platform, with WPF? Or stay web-based with silverlight?

Is WPF "too much too late" for development on the windows platform?

Is for html now doomed, like MFC or VB 6? Will ajax for move ahead, or be dropped for silverlight?

Why do we always quit at 90%?

Are microsoft afraid that if they do anything well, it will give them nowhere to go?

Or is the last 10% harder than the first 90% put together?

Did Robert Scoble Die For Nothing?

No, hang on, honestly. Let's try that again. I say: 'Did Robert Scoble Die For Nothing?' and you say, 'But wait. Robert Scoble's still alive,' got it? Okay.

me: Did Robert Scoble Die For Nothing?

you: But wait. Robert Scoble's still alive.

(very good, now i say...)

me: Oh, I hadn't noticed.


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