Three -=FAT=- tips

Three things I'm convinced about thanks to Mike Gunderloy's Coder To Developer

  1. Break Mile-Stones into Inch-Pebbles, if you're serious about your schedule.
  2. Give Test Driven Development another, fairer go.
  3. Find and Use the best tools available, such as Lutz Roeders reflector and XDN (which Mike Schinkel is giving away free in May, to .net bloggers who spread the good word).

When I finish the book I plan to review it fully. For now let me say this: it is broad, it is thorough, it is useful and it is refreshingly small. It's not one of those big-fat-books-you-stick-on-the-shelf-in-order-to-appear-smart. Coder To Developer is one of those slimmer, well-thumbed books you use every day to actually become smart.

Oh, and don't be misled by the platform-agnostic name: the book is very strongly focused on ".Net".

There's a C# flavour, but Mike keeps it perfectly readable for VB geeks like me. (Mike wrote a Sybex's MCSD/MCAD books for, so he's more than capable of speaking to VB audiences as well as C#.)

Mike's page of links are a great resource in themselves.


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