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Think you're clever? Can you name each of these CASING styles?

How do you get things done?

Spy Codes: a code booklet to help your little spies

Death to the Passive Voice

The value of realistic goals (with data)

Publishing on Amazon: Lakes Creek Adventures

Dadding 101: Give Your Kids A Trail of Codes To Break

Spaced Repetition Software... for Kids!

Solving An Air-gapped Traffic Mystery

NimbleSET 2.0: Death to the VLOOKUP!

Your First Product

Programming The Robot from Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Extracting a Trello board as markdown

Rediscovering the Amstrad CPC 6128

Coding While You Commute

Where shall we have lunch?

Hump-Jumping: How the Education of Computer Science can be Saved, err, maybe.

DevShop: The Cool Game that Makes Development Look Fun

God No! ...The ReBuilder

10 Simple Rules To Follow In Case Your Software Becomes Self-Aware

Give and Take in the Software Industry

4 Types of Person (a guide to stupidity)

baby steps in microsoft robotics studio...

Bambrick versus Hanselman: Bring it!

Alan Kay on 'The Camel has Two Humps'

A to Z of Software Methodologies

Redux: New Synchronisation Idea Overlooked By Microsoft

Everything that's bad for you is suddenly good for you!

A reflection on hate week.

How To Win At Negotiation

Visual Studio News Channel: Give Hanselman a Go!

The Principle of Scale: A fundamental lesson they failed to teach us at school

Thou Shalt Have One Exit Point Per Subroutine -- A Monkey Cage Conundrum

Separation Anxiety

MicroISV: Step 4 of 25 -- Basic Website Content

Can Software Be Like Building Lego?

There's Three Ways To Know Anything

Step 2 of 25 to Building a Micro-ISV: Reliable Hosting

Gunderloy, Spolsky, Atwood: three big idiots.

How To Be A Couple Of Micro-ISV People On Opposite Sides of the World

Boolean Operators Missing From Cell Expressions In Excel?

F# -- the 3 minute guide!

<Strike>G-MAIL is dead!</Strike>

An Absolute Beginner's Babysteps In PowerShell...

Never BCC an Idiot.

Lessons from Amazon referrals

MS Paint //Master Class//

Why is it that so many managers have missed this crucial lesson?

<i>SOFT</i>ware is **SOFT** Get it, monkey?

How to be depressed

Graphic design for engineers: the logo

Stupid Code To The Rescue!

Lessons I have learnt

Constraint Files Explained

SiteMap for secretGeek

How To Revise a Dog Ugly Manuscript

Dot Net Rookie Mistakes

Recent Books

Twitching on Fraser Isle

Lessons From Bill Gates

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