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I've been steadily cranking out products for the last few years (TimeSnapper, NimbleText, NimbleSET etc. etc.), and finally decided to write an ebook about how it's done.

There are things I consider to be "my secrets". They'll all be in the book.

I'm writing the ebook for four reasons:

  1. To get much better at making and selling products. Nothing teaches like teaching!
  2. To realise some of the capital investment I've made in building products so far
  3. To get in contact with my people: people who make products
  4. To learn about ebook production itself.

I've put up a landing page at "" where you can sign up to be notified when the book is ready.

Landing page for

In answer to the questions I've received so far:

How much will the book cost?

I do not know. It will certainly cost more than $10. It may be $30. For higher prices you'll get access to a suite of my secret tools that help when building products. And there'll be a team version, for a much much much higher pricer.

I know a bit about how these things work, and I can tell you for sure that the price will get higher over time. So the sooner you sign up the better. (Signing up to be notified is free)

When will it be ready?

It could take 3 months, it could take a year or more. I do not know. The amount of time and effort I divert into this project will be highly influenced by the number of sign ups I get at "". So if you want to see this ebook realised, go ahead and sign up. And tell all your like-minded friends to sign up too.

Sign up to be notified when the book is launched

Also, as a special bonus to anyone who signs up today, you get a free joke.


My book "Choose Your First Product" is available now.

It gives you 4 easy steps to find and validate a humble product idea.

Learn more.

(By the way, I read every comment and often respond.)

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