How To Win At Negotiation

OLPC seeks a truce with intel... or... OLPC says intel is a backstabber

In case you can't read the text: there are two separate news stories within two hours of each other.

The first headline is:

OLPC... seeks a truce with Intel [1]

and the second, two hours later reads:

OLPC says Intel is a backstabber[2]

Okay i'm not sure what the lesson is. Here's three possibilities:

  1. Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of One Laptop Per Child, makes so many tangential statements that you can interpret him any way you want
  2. Journalists aren't exactly straight shooters
  3. Breakups are messy.

Anyway I saw an XO in the flesh today [note, an XO is the first model of laptop built for the One Laptop Per Child project], thanks to JCooney (or one of the Cooneys). Nifty gadget, let me tell ya! I was suprised at how tiny it is.

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