Spy Codes: a code booklet to help your little spies

A handy cheatsheet for helping your kids crack codes.

Download PDF (6 pages)

I love this! I built this and extensively field-tested it with my own crack team of super spies (my kids).

It's 6 pages of my favorite Spy Codes, for use with your own budding spy team (i.e. your kids).

It's a FREE PDF, a dense little book, guaranteed to bring you hours of fun. (And give your kids a lot of practice at performing lookups.)

spy codes preview

This 6 page booklet is simply a series of tables containing alphabets that help you translate:

  • Morse code
  • Braille
  • Pigpen cipher
  • Knights Templar Code
  • A Mayan Numbering System
  • Caesar Cipher (complete table)
  • Complete ASCII (in decimal, hex, and binary)
  • And more

It is vital that your child does not let this book fall into enemy hands.

Using these sheets to encrypt and decrypt messages is a practical introduction to substitution ciphers.

If your kids (or students) enjoy these, there are many, many more advanced concepts that pick up where these exercises end.

Last year I blogged about: Dadding 101: Give Your Kids A Trail of Codes To Break.... and of course coding trails are not limited to use by dads. Mums, grandparents, foster parents, step parents, guardians, siblings, cousins, friends... everyone should be giving trails of codes to break to all of their loved ones at all times. It's one of the most joyful things in life. I know my brother and I set these up for each other when we were not the grizzled old men we have transformed into today.

Simon Singh's delightful volume "The Code Book" is a great read on the topic of codes throughout history. It's a pleasurable read and goes qute in-depth. Fun for all ages.

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