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5 minutes to import CSV to a database: What do you do?

The Market for Ideas (and is contenteditable really terrible?)

How do you get things done?

The Book Is Ready

Death to the Passive Voice

I'm .ok you're .ok: introducing folder profiles for bash and powershell

6 different ways to run an core web application

The Laggard's Guide to Getting Started with 5 Using Yeoman.

A console.log() adventure

Solving An Air-gapped Traffic Mystery

Two Flies! Bet Now!

Extracting a Trello board as markdown

NimbleText 2.0: More Than Twice The Price!

NimbleText 1.9 -- BoomTown!

Mind-boggling Demo of New Gaming Genre, aka Folder-Based Hangman, aka Fun with Recursion

NimbleText: Origins

Introducing Cosby, spontaneous striped background generator

Slides from WDCNZ: Live Coding MVC3

MVC 3, "Third Times a Charm" references

Rethinking Toolbars in Visual Studio (or any IDE)

The NO Visual Studio movement: Compiling .net projects in Notepad++

ZeroOne: the editor for programmers who think in binary

Mercurial workflow for personal projects (with a .net bias)

I see you're using vim. Let me fix that for you.

Using NimbleSet to compare lists

JSON Query Languages: 5 special purpose editors

SQLike: A simple editor

SQL Style Extensions for C#

Debugging: It's all about finding Albuquerque.

The Real-Time online JQuery Editor

God No! ...The ReBuilder

Your next text editor is... MetaNote!

Further proof that testing is for wimps and bad programmers

Small Moments in Software Philosophy

My code would suck less if...

A 3 minute guide to embedding IronPython in a C# application

Can You Cure the Copy/Paste Disease?

It's 2009 already -- where's my damn internet-based IDE??

Give and Take in the Software Industry

baby steps in microsoft robotics studio...

MVC Zen Garden

Should Linq To Sql Go "Open Source"?

Visual Studio UX Taskforce, Office UX Taskforce... etc.

Idea: Ribbon Bar Item Finder

Beautiful Code, or rather, Beaut Comments.

Your Brain, And the Effects of Syntax Highlighting

Why Are So Many Dev Tools Orange?

My First WPF Application - A visual tour

Visual Studio News Channel: Give Hanselman a Go!

The Inaugural TimeSnapper Professional 'MikeG.Next' Honorary Award Of Linkblogging Excellence

General Purpose Programming Language... Good For Nothing?

World's Simplest Code Generator: implemented in pure Javascript

Scoop: Microsoft Expression Suite To Run On Apple Computers!

Microsoft Expression Family... WTF?

Exec Inline AddIn for Visual Studio 2005 -- Get It Now Don't Blame Microsoft, Blame Jason Weber

MicroISV: Step 4 of 25 -- Basic Website Content

tarzan of the source code

Can Software Be Like Building Lego?

Step 3 of 25 -- Design Your Website

10 "Million-Dollar-Ideas" from

'Reuse' Is Not Usable

Download It Now! Exec Inline: A VS2003 add-in that lets you run a chunk of code

What are the coolest XML projects? Really?

In Vista, final step of installation launches YOU!!

Hey idiot, I've got toothache. BOO!

How To Be A Couple Of Micro-ISV People On Opposite Sides of the World

Concurrency Bug in all editions of Visual Studio

Demo: Exec-Inline, an Add-in that executes the currently selected code, immediately

Switching off the OS

Quick Tip: Show Shortcut Keys in Visual Studio

A Kilo of Days Ground

Realtime CSS Editor -- with thanks to SquareFree.

PowerTools for Powershell

F# -- the 3 minute guide!

Babysteps in PowerShell part deux: Variables! Real Proper Variables!


6 Tools for Documentation++

Visual Poetry Studio 2005

Marketing Weasels Who Write Code

VS2005 Tip: Which file am I working on?

10 Ways to boost the Zen of Paint: Suggested improvements in MS Paint

Quick Prototyping Technique

How Contextual Help Works in Visual Studio 2003

Launch the Code Editor on startup

Marked up: Finalists for the 16th Annual Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Awards

Copy, Copy, Copy, Paste: PowerToy Needed.

Suspicious Mail

VS 2003: Macros needed

Software Hurts The Mind

Pay Day for the Ideas Rat

Eric Sink deserves the Garry Kasparov Medal of Strategic Brilliance!

Schnippetize your life

Team Foundation Server: Check-in Policies

Holes In Team Foundation Server Are Good Things (Teched 2005 Australia)

New Company, New Language, Same IDE...

Hot .Net Tip: This will save you a lot of time

Too Many Damn Arrows in VS.Net!

Usability in Visual Studio: Further Nitpickings of a Nitwit

Usability Rant: Visual Studio .Net

Clubbing the Crystal Dodo

Signs of a bad web developer

The Where, the Who and the Why of Steve Lombardi

Lowering the ceiling instead of the floor

Microsoft Crumbles Under Blogging Pressure

Your New PC Won't Let You Work On ASP.Net?

Roy's Competition: Some Suggested Add-Ins for Visual Studio.Net

I am not worthy

Royo on TV?

An Open Letter to Technical Authors

Constraint Files Explained

.Net Remoting: the Quick and Dirty Guide

Definitive .Net and VB.Net Links

Technical Year In review

SiteMap for secretGeek

Visual Studio .Net Tips

Technical Writing: breadth first with iteration.

Dot Net Rookie Mistakes

How to write a novel

Recent Books

Refactoring With Whidbey

Essential Software for Geeks and Power Browsers

Lessons From Bill Gates

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