Microsoft Crumbles Under Blogging Pressure

In a stunning backdown by Microsoft, a new single-developer edition of Visual Studio has been announced which specifically includes support for Test Driven Development.

While the blogging community are rejoicing that they have forced the software-giant's hand, some analysts fear that this new sense of power amongst bloggers could corrupt them in the same way that a young Anakin Skywalker was corrupted by the 'force'.

Meanwhile, the name of the newly-announced product may indicate sour grapes on the part of microsoft.

(leaked via my usual sources*)

Amongst other custom features, the splash screen is accompanied by the sound of a baby crying, and the "readme" file explains how to launch a denial of service attack against Peter Provost.

[since sarcasm is officially dead, i have to point out that the above post is actually a hoax.]

[my actual opinion, since you're still reading, is that unit-testing should have been slated for all editions from the start, and (despite their excuses to the contrary) the fact it wasn't indicates some kind of fundamental misunderstanding about what test-Driven development is, and who performs it (i.e. the same developer who writes the code)]

[By 'usual sources' i mean ms-paint and expression 3.]


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